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RPMs for a happy datto

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3500-6500 in the previous 510 motor!  Wheeeeeee!! :D  No tach in the white truck, all low end power anyway.  2500-3000 in the red truck with the KAZ24 with occasional bouts of 6000 rpm trying to reach speeds or out distance Prius'.

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710 L20B... Best mileage is around 2,500 but not practical on big highways, then about 3K. Seldom get out of town, trips to Canby usually. The closest big speed limit is 110kph but you can safely go 120. That's about 75  and close to 3,600 rpms. Just installed a factory tach this spring and often forget to look. Have twisted to 5K but it's screaming pretty good... not much usable power with the small Hitachi.

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