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oh boy what fun


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so today me an my buddy anthony got to workin on his ZX, aka bleaches old car.. we got the tranny out, an bellhousing swapped then realized the z31 borg warner T5's input shaft is longer and bigger around then the s130's borg warner T5.. so off the the junk yard an hopefully i can still get the tranny out of the zxT thats there.. heres some pics from day 1















Even baby reina came out to help


she aint afraid of gettin dirty :P



she just took the drive shaft out all by her self, not bad for 2 months old eh??



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ok so after goin to the junk yard to find a 280zx, cause i called an they said they had one.. well after 15 mins of lookin i decide to go ask to see what lane its in an "apperantly" it had just been "crushed" so i ask for a maxima cause nismopu said there was an L series 5speed out layin by one so i go to where the guy says its at and its a 83 maxipad thats right L series.. an sure enough under the car is a 5spd tranny i find the shifter and see if it shifts and sure enough it does! so we took it home and cleaned it up i swapped clutch forks and T.O bearings an buddy changed the tranny cross member bracket which later on we had to fuck with several times cause the tranny wasnt striaght an we didnt realize it.. blah.. slipped that bad boy in bolted her up got the drive shaft in an called it a night.. i still need to find out what plugins go where an put a new slave cylinder on it also i NEED THE C CLIP to hold the shifter pin in place.. so if any local guys has one to spare i'd appriciate it!


anyways heres some more pics


the new tranny


our buddy cody





looks safe eh?




look at em makin out


haha jk jk


back on the ground


the blue foam paddin is just to make the bumper fit a little more snug



*NOTE* this tranny is temporary and anthony does plan on gettin another borg warner T5 he is going to try to buy a buddys 280zx an take all the parts he needs / wants an scrap the rest

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so does that driveshaft fit? I thought the driveshaft flange was different on the T5 and the non-turbo Nissan 5-speeds. I had to specifically go find a turbo 2+2 driveshaft to work with the T5.


Good swap! I don't understand why you wanted to swap bellhousings on the T5. Was it damaged?


those rimz are sick!

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the drive shaft fits fine.. just took a little convincing with a rubber mallet..

an doin the tranny from the bottom isnt really hard.. just make sure the car is hella high off the ground haha

our jacks were topped out


the T5 we picked up to replace the tranny that was in the car was from a 300zx (vg30) so kyle told us to change bellhousings.. they are different!.. however the T.O bearing an clutch fork wouldnt work an the input shaft was 3 inchs too long, so we went to the junk yard an all we could find is the maxipad tranny.. its temporary.. but will allow him to drive around, those rimz are hella tight yo, we bought those hub caps from james they're off a 200sx or some shit.. and 3 of the 4 wheels are the ones it came with from you bleach, an no it hasnt been drivin much.. just from one house to the next cause anthonys moved a few times.. oh an to the store on the corner of the block.. hopefully this next check anthony gets he's gonna pick up some Devil Z style wheels.. but knock offs by konig not bad for $500


and pac thanks i will have to go look there for those clips :)


oh ya we got some nice RedLine MTL gear oil to put in to help that poor old tranny hold up under the stress

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we havent even turned the car on yet, gotta put a new slave cylinder in it.. if somethings going to break when we try to drive this i need to know.. lol..


as far as i could tell they're the same.. the drive line went on about as easy as it came off.. pain in the ass.. the tranny slipped right into place with ease once we got the car high enough.. a couple of shimmeys and a little shake an some wiggling.. it was easier then puttin my FWD sentra tranny on while the engine was out of the car.. i was amazed

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or did you mean the one for the engine? where it goes in the crank.. cause that was the same lenght as the T5's.. the l series t5 i mean. not the v6 t5 that input shaft was 10 inchs the ones we needed are 7 inchs.. or 7 and a half i forget but ya.. i thought u meant the output shaft to the drive line, or maybe you did?

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both clutches are the same. Turbo and NA edit:(in this particular case because the Z is a 2+2)


Its the driveshafts that are different. I hope that driveshaft isn't all buggered up.


Rota makes some nice Watanabe style wheels. 16x8 aren't too expensive. +4 offset so you get some nice lip. About $550 a set. "RB-R" is the name of them.

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550 isnt bad.. and the 16x8 with the +4 offset would be alot better.. i will let him know..


the drive shaft looked fine.. still had some really clean lookin lube grese stuff on it.. could have just been some gear oil.. the length is right but now im worried about the spline sizes.. if anything the new tranny would have to have a smaller spline or else it wouldnt of fit.. but the way it felt when it was goin in felt right.. also tryed it while tranny was still out of car an it looked the same.. im crossin my fingers but i guess we'll find out..


we didnt get the slave cylinder today cause our buget ran out so i will keep you guys posted..

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I'm actually planning to get these wheels myself. :D




How to buy them isn't real clear but I don't think a Group Buy is nessisary. You just contact the Rota rep "Kim" in California. He is currently helping people with a 17" RB-R group buy. That wheel looks very nice, lots of lip but I'm going for a smaller diameter tire and less wheel weight. If I got 17x9 I'd be right back with slow wheels like my 18x8 were.




suggestion on tires

Front: 225/45/16

Rear: 245/45/16


Or you could always go with the Sportmax 002 wheels. 16x8, zero offset. I got mine on the last group buy on Hybridz. Four wheels for $400 shipped to my door. Those are going on the Fairlady Z.


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both clutches are the same. Turbo and NA


Its the driveshafts that are different. I hope that driveshaft isn't all buggered up.


There is a slight difference between the clutches. The N/A uses the 225mm disc,pp,and flywheel and the Turbo and 2+2 use a 240mm disc,pp, and flywheel.


I would re-check the drivrshaft as the splines between the two trannys are different!

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There is a slight difference between the clutches. The N/A uses the 225mm disc,pp,and flywheel and the Turbo and 2+2 use a 240mm disc,pp, and flywheel.


umm... that is a 2+2. so yes, it is a 240mm clutch. I installed it.


I edited my post above in case others come accross this thread as a Z clutch reference.

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ok so im just guessing here.. but wouldnt the stock 2+2 Non turbo drive shaft work perfect... the trannys are the same length an have same mounting spots an all that.. actually i think theres like a half inch difference.. but ya wouldnt the stock drive shaft for this car work perfect???



hey bleach u still got it or did ya throw it away?? lol


since he's going to eventually put another t5 back in i could jus set this other one aside .. he may jus have the tranny that came in the car rebuilt later

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ok so check it out... i dont know if im sniffing glue or what not but i removed the drive shaft and compared the 2 out put splines and they appear to be the same.. i took pics but you wont be able to tell cause its all fuzzy an shit.. however we are going to put yet another tranny in.. one from an 83 zx turbo its a t5 cause its a REAL turbo car from factory.. i will be eventually putting the maxima 5spd into my 620..


i will keep you all updated..


and yea man he lifted it all by himself

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so we got the engine an tranny from that other 280zx turbo now, plus the wheels an tires, so now the car has a set of 280zx turbo wheels on it which doesnt really look too bad at all.. the tranny will be put in sometime soon (when ever it decides to stop pissing down rain) we have a spare engine, everythings there including wiring harness, ecu, turbo+manifolds ect ect ect the spare engine an all the stuff needed for it is up for sale to you guys (not craigslist) he's askin 500 or best offer, im sure if someone offord him a fair amount he'd take it.. he is also up for trades for stuff he can use


i will update again with pics when the trannys in

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