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Back in the Datsun scene


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Well looks like i'm back in the 620 scene guys. Just bought a house and it has a garage :) selling my 240sx and the 620 project will be back on track. I'm going to get another 620 in two weeks for free from a buddy in Vancouver, it's a beater but it runs awesome and has a solid frame, came from californi in 97. I'm going to drive it for now and use as a donor for my green machine. It does have alot of body damage, been T-boned on the box by a taxi, rear ended by a big truck and hit a fire hydrant head on lol. Here is some pics of the beast.






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Still have it in storage, haven't had the time or place to work on it for like 3 years now. I bought a 240sx and got big into drifting and just never took the time for the ol Datsun. Now I have a garage to work on it and can't affor to keep the 240, drifting gets pretty expensive so she has to go.

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Finally went to vancouver and got the truck back tonight, ends up it needs a few wheel cylinders and some new shoes and couldnt get any till tomorrow so i drove it back over to the island with only the ebrake lol it was pretty sketchy going through van city and its an auto so i couldnt really use much for engine brakes. I got it home and a buddy I hadn't seen in a while came over and had a nice little package of parts for me, brand new headers, Lynx sidedraft manifold, brand new 40 dcoe sidedraft carb and a few other misc datsun stuff all for $400. I couldn't pass on that deal so i got it all, hopefully get it all put in this week along with fixing the brakes and then she will be on the road. Here is a few pics of the stuff.






She's definatley a beater but the L18 runs like it just came out of the factory :)

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2eDeYe;75958'']Better get those brakes fixed now :D


I Ordered all the parts today. I got all 4 new wheel cylinders, all new shoes, new master cylinder and all new brake lines. It should stop good in a couple of days. After the brakes i'll get the headers, new mani and carb on and then the swapping of body panels and body work begins.

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