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  1. Hey Bud can you tell me what mirrors those are on your Green truck?

  2. I have a Brand new Webber 40 DCOE carb with a used Lynx intake manifold and brand new headers that have never been installed. I have had the carb on my truck for the past two weeks but am forced to sell it all as work has been slow and mortgage payment is just around the corner. I'm asking $600 for it all and i want to sell it all as a package. With shipping and exchange rate i paid well over $1000 for it all so my loss is your gain.
  3. Hey eveyone, I got a brand new webber 40dcoe, lynx manifold and headers. I started putting it all together today and realized you cant run a vacuum advance off the carb and it wouldn't be the correct vacuum to tap off the booster line so what do you do? drill and tap a line right into the barrel of the carb? or just not hook it up? Ive only ever run webber downdrafts and have never had this issue. Any help would be great :)
  4. Yeah it was originally red.
  5. got the front end all fixed today, starting to look pretty sharp. I think i'm going to do this truck flat black, it looks pretty slick.
  6. I Ordered all the parts today. I got all 4 new wheel cylinders, all new shoes, new master cylinder and all new brake lines. It should stop good in a couple of days. After the brakes i'll get the headers, new mani and carb on and then the swapping of body panels and body work begins.
  7. it's the Canon Rebel Xti, I love it :)
  8. Finally went to vancouver and got the truck back tonight, ends up it needs a few wheel cylinders and some new shoes and couldnt get any till tomorrow so i drove it back over to the island with only the ebrake lol it was pretty sketchy going through van city and its an auto so i couldnt really use much for engine brakes. I got it home and a buddy I hadn't seen in a while came over and had a nice little package of parts for me, brand new headers, Lynx sidedraft manifold, brand new 40 dcoe sidedraft carb and a few other misc datsun stuff all for $400. I couldn't pass on that deal so i got it all, hopefully get it all put in this week along with fixing the brakes and then she will be on the road. Here is a few pics of the stuff. She's definatley a beater but the L18 runs like it just came out of the factory :)
  9. Ive been back on the rock for a while now, i was in alberta for almost two years but been back for like 5 or 6 years.
  10. Still have it in storage, haven't had the time or place to work on it for like 3 years now. I bought a 240sx and got big into drifting and just never took the time for the ol Datsun. Now I have a garage to work on it and can't affor to keep the 240, drifting gets pretty expensive so she has to go.
  11. Well looks like i'm back in the 620 scene guys. Just bought a house and it has a garage :) selling my 240sx and the 620 project will be back on track. I'm going to get another 620 in two weeks for free from a buddy in Vancouver, it's a beater but it runs awesome and has a solid frame, came from californi in 97. I'm going to drive it for now and use as a donor for my green machine. It does have alot of body damage, been T-boned on the box by a taxi, rear ended by a big truck and hit a fire hydrant head on lol. Here is some pics of the beast.
  12. Check out this 620 :) http://www.boostcruising.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=280156
  13. Here's a few pic's of the ol' Green Machine. I finally got a full sized shop and all my tools set up so I will hopefully have new progress pics of it soon. I hope to have it on the streets by summer :) I miss driving this truck so bad it's not even funny
  14. yeah the one pic of it right slammed was photoshop'd.
  15. Nah my buddy bought a whole front clip a few months ago from seattle, we stripped the motor, tranny, wire harness, ecu, radiator, intercooler and piping and pretty much everything else from the clip that was worth keeping. He was going to do the swap in his 240 but then sold it so he can get his datsun 521 on the road. I'm going to do some welding, body work and paint it for him for the whole motorset. What was the one in the buysell? how much and where?
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