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sad day

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well, due to a family emergency, I will be selling off my datsun. :(

I have the blue 78 620(its in the pics of your truck thread)

I'm not sure how much to ask for yet. I have a ton of datsun stuff to go with it. including that sweet engine I have on the stand for it. I'll post more info soon, but I wanted people on the forum to know before I craigslist it or anything.

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Ohhhhhh how exciting, Bleach is getting another truck! You won't hurt my feelings if you snake it from me, I'm trying to buy that other truck here in oregon. You know the one, he can't figure out the simple timing/carb issue so he's selling it. Familiar story!


Make him a good deal Char!

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that would depend greatly on the price. I'm not as enthusiastic about a standard cab. My back and legs hurt just thinking about it.

Also, I don't plan to go L-series and I know he has a very nice L motor he wants to sell with it.

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sigh..... I know, serious, I have no idea whats really fair. I'm trying to work things out so I don't have to sell, But its not looking good. our family car took a crap, and we have no other car. plus we have our son, and wife wants another. SOo......She wants something nice, but that'll cost monthly ya know.

what a mess. anyways, Bleach, what do you think is a fair price. with the extra engine, and 3 trannys, and gauges, and like 5 heads and another spair l20 block, . jeeez I got a ton of stuff.

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You'll get more if you separate the parts. You'll have a much smaller audience willing to buy the truck and pay a fair price for all the parts. I don't have storage for all those engines.

I don't know a lot about the truck and I've never seen it but in that one picture.


Post more details on what it has, the condition and some pics if you have any.

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