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  1. i have seen engine blocks for 400 to 800.... transmissions i see listed for 300 to 600 .. it all depends on the seller and what " they" think it worth ? some people have rebuilt stuff and think it worth Gold !!!
  2. Time Left: 4 days and 18 hours

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    I need a Right And Left Fender ... Got a spare ? Know someone who has them ? Saw a truck at a Junk Yard ? know where a dead truck is in a Yard ? Message Me .... thank you very Much I am Located In Lake stevens Wa


    Lake Stevens - US

  3. looks interesting .... http://nissanfest.us/#about
  4. H20doctor

    610s unite!!!!!!

    So then my 4 Door is worth $7000 dollars .... Sweet ....
  5. im not Here as much either , and I agree with the observation ... My opinion is that the Older generation of datsun enthusiasts are no longer on this forum, and the younger generation is , thats why its difficult ...
  6. it would appear and I found a stuck frozen exhaust valve .... Why it seized ? no clue , i drove it for an hour ... came home , Next day .... engine noise .... So yes everything got tore down , the engine bay is empty , i am waiting for some warmer dry weather to paint the Bay... I have a fresh rebuilt Block , new pistons, rings , hot tanked , cleaned ready to go , with a New rebuilt U67 head... Port and Polished intake / exhaust... new webber to Boot also ....
  7. Just a update... I'm still getting the engine bay detailed with por 15 , then I will be getting the new engine installed
  8. Funny I have never been asked to sell my truck , or been approached while out driving around town... I would let my truck go for between 2500 and 3k Only because the engine has less than 6 thousand miles on it , and its not a stock L20 .. the exhaust system was also expensive ...
  9. H20doctor

    610s unite!!!!!!

    Love the shark nose ....
  10. i just wanted to say thank you to everyone today and to tell you i had a great time in talking with everybody, and seeing everyones rides ....
  11. sweet , I can make it, i will drive up my rusted 620 ....
  12. I just tore down my L20 block for my 74- 610 sedan , Hot tank, new rings, bearings everything replaced, except the crank, crank was fine.. ran me $500.00
  13. Auto Sport Is in seattle , they have redone 2 of my L20 engines.... expert work ..there is also Action machine.. there shop is on 99 north of green lake
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