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where can i find the kit for the suspension of a datsun 620 1974?

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i just want to restore all the suspension but i dont really know what to get 


Don't fix what ain't broken. If the rubber is in good shape then leave it. I don't know what year yors is, maybe fill it in in your profile?, but pre '78s had sway bars and the links can rust away and the bushings fall out. Replacing them would be worthwhile. Maybe the tension rod bushings, but only with rubber. Rear leaf spring shackle rubber bushings? again only if needed.




i just change the spark plugs and cables but still a little sound like is not getting enough power any ideas??? 


Sound and experience is all relative. To you it may sound like "not getting enough power" yet everything may be fine. Maybe you could elaborate on this?

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There is defiantly a lot of love and excellent advice on the forum towards the 620, but It "sounds" like you should first invest some time on the forums, Youtube, and a Factory Service Manual before tearing into random projects without having a goal or reason. What area of the truck are these low powered noises coming from? There is a lot of good info on the forum, just spend a few evenings reading all you can and you can bet that if you can think it up it has already been answered in the search bar. You have just tapped in to the very powerful drug of Ratsun,  Adjust your valves, set your timing and get a new fuel filter and enjoy the ride.

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