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instead of letting it sit jeff gave me his old shell so it would get put back together and keep going so here are some pics of it being put back together so far.


the day we got it,





washed it, put the brake and clutch




put the frontend under with the steering column and steering wheel, bled the brakes.


put the back seat in, fixed the door handle, and some other little stuff.



we got the motor in, tranny brace is on, this was when it started raining so we stopped and then i took some pics, the rain stopped a little while later so we started working on it some more, now the wiring is plugged in, under the hood, the shifter is on and the throttle cable is hooked up and some other little stuff,




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Nice work Dillon! You bringing that to Canby? If so, register so you can compete!!!


When you plan on having it driving??



Dude thats what I told him..... I should of put that in the contract :D

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That's kinda funny guys, makes it sound like I'm that rich race driver dude, I can import the best to work on my cars eh ;-)! OK, I gotta get a car close enough to wiring then. Wait, shouldn't Jeff agree to this first though?

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