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280zx: thinking rat rod bosozoku style, and off i go

Jomz Shakes

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Ive got my hood latch raised up so my hood sits high, im getting a bosozoku like exhaust pipe comming out the back just like 8-10 inchs up y the rear bumper.i've gutted the interior and welded a strut bar and painted the interior with trunk spatter paint. heres what im up against now,

the side view mirrors relocation

and im really thinking of a clever way to pull off some mirrors on my fenders, its a leap into the direction im looking for looks wise, I really want this to be done right and not half assed.


i could go either way, screw the power mirrors and go for retro look of 240/60/80 or rep s130 and rock the power mirrors and keep it original "kinda".????


also whats a clever rat rod like repair for the holes where the mirrors were??

should i fiberglass shut the section and paint a square black?

should i let it russttt and rep it? what would you do?

put a line of vinyl down the bodyline/paint a strip down the bodyline to cover the holes??

rubber plugs in the holes and rep the rectangle of non sundamaged paint???


and what problems could see with running wires from the door area now to the fenders?

any other ideas of stuff to do to achieve the look im going for?



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I'm just going to say this and be done with it;

It's your car. Do what YOU like, and not what the interwebs likes. Don't do this to a car just so you can achieve some level of internet notoriety, but because you would actually rock it every day.


I think if you truly want that "rat rod" look, fill the holes properly and give it some flat/satin paint. There's a fine line between rat rod and just hoopty, and just painting over it a different color of the car would be crossing that line, which is just my opinion of course.


Boso cars are properly done. Beautiful paint, great pinstriping and obnoxious colors (sans awful highlighter wheels of course), whereas rat rods are the opposite. So maybe look for some inspiration in the two car scenes and apply what you like to your own car.


As for the side view issue, I would say go with some 'yota fender mirrors. $40 shipped from Taiwan on eBay. Just try not to hit the mirror too much, as the glass is glued in poorly.

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Well If your thinking about fender mirrors here's some real JDM fenders with the mirrors on them just talk to DTP he's selling all RHD conversion for S130z.



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ya the 280zx is kinda the dorky z of the 240/60/80, the bosozoku look is out of my budget so im just implementing cheap mod ideas off the style but wont be doing a bright colored paint job. what would you guys do to cover up the holes on the stock mirror mounts?? thats the only thing im really trying to figure out.

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As it should be :thumbup:... white looks super clean man.


The tip(s) look nicely done



Whoops ,,, back on track.

I have some fairlady 280z fender mirror's on beat fenders with all mounting stuff.

The squarish look of these ... fits the s130 body style a lot better .. to me at least :)

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nice diamond plate reminds me of fast and the furious. you got enough nos in there to blow us all up ? j/k


try fatburger from now on, you can get yourself a double cheese with fries for 2.95 f*ggot

i like the tuna here,


b*llsh*t *sshole, no one likes the tuna here"

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and this is the position i want my mirrors to be relocated, in the list the pictures of the jdm fenders are its towards the top. i need to relocate my stock mirrors and run wires to power the mirrors. where canor what else should i use to seal them to the fenders, should i use the stock rubber or get something new?



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I don't think of the S130 as a z car..... :o :lol: ... the Z31 even less and only for doner parts... but strangely the Z32 is back on track. Also 1996, the last year a real Z car made.


S130 is definitely a real z car! Haha the problem is people like you won't stop taking

parts off of them. With the right planning and style S130 are pretty bad ass.


Keep this project going jomz! Shave the bumpers, bolt on fender mirrors, get some

S13 rear coilovers, make front coilovers, front air dam is a huge visual improvement

, you can also modify s30 spoilers to fit, ford explorer side skirts too

. I have tons of project photos from my zx if you need any inspiration


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im dropping it with ST springs n tokico shocks with sways, t/c rods,tie-rods,u-joint, all bushings, bearings, and brakes this month.



i would like to see as many pictures as possible, its hard to learn about fabbing the s130.

i reALLLLLY NEED HELP SHAVING THE BUMPER, shts ugly. im goin reall cheap, can i weld a tube of metal instead? front and rear? also any any inspiration for budget mods were it requires fabrication instead of parts, i want this car to be as hand built as possible.

i want to weld a spoiler, small roll cage, front strut bar, possibly get some old t-tops and welding metal across and a bike rack to the top of em




i want to weld a beer opener to this beast when im done, im talkin wild wacky mods


what you think?

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