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  1. Girlfriend isn't a huge fan of pink otherwise I would be all over this lol. I do think she'd rock the dark gray blue rat shirt though.
  2. Dad sent me this this morning. He saw it outside his work in Livermore. Looks like full cage, plastic rear windows.
  3. If it sounds "like a lawn mower" isn't it possible you aren't running on all four cylinders? Maybe check your plugs? Hard to say for sure without hearing it.
  4. FWIW, I had a pair of fender mirrors shipped from Taiwan, and while they took a bit to get here (almost two weeks I think) I had no problems. May have just been a fluke that you didn't receive your package.
  5. (I just realized I'm a moron lol) If you jacked up your PASSENGER SIDE, your transmission will take more oil than it ordinarily would, so leave the fill plug out when you put it back on all fours, and let it drain out the excess. However you did the driver side so I suppose you might have less oil than max. With my Z, that was the easiest route for access to the plug, as it is on the right side of the car. For a Z, I found the easiest way to fill is just run the hose through the engine compartment, then use a funnel to feed the fluid. (I just did this a day or two ago lol)
  6. Why don't they just give him a speeding ticket? I mean he did only get snapped on a speed camera.
  7. Originally made in America (50s-60s) but production moved to Japan in late 60's to the 70's. People say the wheels made in Japan were much nicer than the original 'Murican made ones.
  8. Weird, I didn't know Thailand was in the Japanese domestic market...
  9. I think it looks really good, actually. You could always mount the FMIC in place of a grill lolz.
  10. The 200sx engine mounts can be bought from Rockauto for $6-8 a piece. Don't know about the compatibility between 510/l20b/200sx.
  11. My dad has a '73 B. I am with you entirely, MG's are not made for people over 5'10 lol. MG's have been known to catch on fire because of fuel leaks in the carb, or at least the B does. Seen it a few threads regarding engine fires because of it... Fuel drips on to the hot mani and catches fire. Moss has lots of (albeit expensive) stock-replacement and aftermarket parts for MG's and Mini's.
  12. Reg just got his Z stolen in that area. I've been to Daly City, and I've been to San Francisco and they are shit holes. Personal opinion though, as my girlfriend thinks the city is the greatest place. If you like being crowded, aggressive awful drivers, and probably some form of theft and/or violence, then sure come on down lol. Everything is significantly more expensive here I can attest to that. But in the long run, it's your decision. Bump in pay, but pay more to live in the area.
  13. There's another Starbucks by Kragen on Brentwood Blvd, by Balfour. Has Pizza Guys and a Jamba Juice in the same parking lot. Across the intersection (over Balfour) from the Tower Mart where they used to have the cow out front.
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