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  1. JZ33

    JZ33's build thread 2.8

    Alright guys, would like some opinions. I have been throwing around the idea of doing the Skyline taillight conversion. Already found the lights and center piece, just have not decided 100% yet. What do you guys think?
  2. JZ33

    JZ33's build thread 2.8

    So... uh.... hi. I know It's been a long time. Some of you might be a little I got a little caught up in other endeavors. Oh, and I bought this: SHE'S ALIVE!
  3. JZ33

    Pic's of your Z

  4. JZ33

    240Z Drift Car

    HAHA! I've gotten married and am eagerly awaiting my daughter! THAT'S where I've been! Work and school kind of took over for a bit...
  5. JZ33

    Form > Function S30

    Are those PBM's? I'm using your Z, and Alex's, as inspiration to get mine on the road again for next summer...
  6. JZ33

    240Z Drift Car

    Looking good man! Can't wait to get mine on the road... again....
  7. JZ33

    JZ33's build thread 2.8

    no repairs yet, been too busy with work and school and helping my family move... gas has taken the majority of my money recently and being inbetween houses I had no where to work... repairs will begin VERY shortly!
  8. JZ33

    Testing Waters: FS 70 510 2dr

    Any chance you might want a Lexus for trade?
  9. JZ33

    JZ33's build thread 2.8

    Alright thanks for the brake info! But the guy was already in my lane, he cut me off so he close to the front on me and then slammed on his brakes... so it was either this or rear end him... which would then have been my fault... Ya, the welds on the lower coilover mount broke when the wheel hit the rail...
  10. JZ33

    JZ33's build thread 2.8

    to the guy that did this: to the ONE guy, big black guy, nicest guy ever, that stopped to see if i was ok and wait for the CHP, thank you for making me feel like this: And how I feel: Til the next (better) update:
  11. JZ33

    JZ33's build thread 2.8

    MOTHER FUCKING STORY TIME Got it on the ground... no... really... its SITTING on the frame in this pic.... 6 or 7 adjustments later and a usable ride height! First day driving it in a year and a half! Great right!? THEN SOME ASSHOLE HAS TO GO AND CUT ME OFF AND RUIN IT ALL FOR ME. Into the guard rail I went! My brakes go almost all the way to the floor before engaging... how do I fix this? I bled them all clean through and that was the best I could get out of them...
  12. JZ33

    Pic's of your Z

  13. JZ33

    VIP LS400 for 510?

    Bump? I've downed the car for now, so as not to put miles on any of the new things...
  14. I'd be willing to drive almost all the way to you if you wanted my lexus... Thats a nice 510 man..
  15. JZ33

    Daily driven 71 4 door, KA 510

    If you still wanted the ls man, I would love to meet up... I want the wife to see it because I dog all the body work on my z and she loved it and I can do it on this too... Pm me if you want for my number! hopefully not stepping on any toes...

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