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RARE 1987 Nissan Caravan Turbo Diesel 5speed 10 passenger!

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Paging Goki


Maybe Goki already knows about this and that is why he's selling his other so he can be the Ultra Mega Wagoon king? That is awesome tho, lower with a paint job, maybe do those outragous wings and body kits like they do to vans over in Japan?

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boy thats the bigger version of my 1988 mitsubishi van I had a few years ago after I bought a evo parts car, best damn van I ever had should have hung on to it.


They are so versatile and its a diesel to boot, wondering what the asking price is and how is it tited, this would be cool to go to JCCS this year and tow my pulsar gti-r haha.

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price only 6999$ Firm


How does he title it you mean?


i dont know man, that dude got powers or something...Its all legit too


he goes with you to the DMV to make sure you put it in your name. lol lol

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