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  1. Hey guys, Come check out this gathering of Japanese car enthusiasts at Left Coast Datsun restoration in Long Beach CA, this weekend. While, it's mostly Datsuns and Nissans, all makes and models of classic cars are welcomed and encouraged to come hangout. Bring your classic car and mingle with other dudes, while checking out car parts and accessories! This event is only a few times a year, so DON'T MISS OUT! Any make. model, or any condition is welcomed. This is a family oriented event. Absolutely no Street racing, burnouts, or show-offs will be tolerated! Anyone engaging in any illegal or retarded behavior will be asked to leave and the cops will be called. The Long Beach Police sub Station is around the corner, and will be making regular roll-bys and are itching to tow your car away... ADDRESS: 1411 W. 15th St Long Beach, CA 90813 See you there.
  2. 05:20 ? You must be stoned bro. No one even arrived before 09:00 last year!
  3. Thanks dude. I appreciate the name drop! Yeah I've decided to enjoy the show, instead of work it. Hopefully they don't bring that dreadful announcer from JCCS.
  4. Hello rats, can someone please bring bring me a set of clean, OEM black retractable seat belts. Top Dollar paid. Not " Compatable " belts- Not " Planet Seat belts " - Not seat belts that need extra holes drilled- -Thats for anyone who thinks about offering me anything but what I am asking for. :w00t: THANK YOU!! :geek:
  5. Nailed it. Thank you. I bought some pretty hard to find stuff in ancient threads.
  6. I remember this response from you back when this all went down Mike. But I feel like there was generally more pros than cons to it. Just my opinion. The idiots would uusually get blocked or ignored anyways. I'm sure this is a hell of alot better for the admins though!
  7. Yeah, I've been off awhile, yeah this has been discussed to death, yeah yeah, I'm out of the loop.... Blah blah. But, I logged in a couple times this week and kept asking myself... " What the hell is missing on this website these days....? " I used to come here daily for teh classifieds but now they are not even a shell of what they once were. So sad because the marketplace is what any forum thrives on in my opinion. Now it's ton's of " WANTED" ads and barely anything for sale. What is the incentive to post FOR SALE items in such a sluggish classifieds section? Haven't the higher ups noticed the lack of activity here? Anyone listening?
  8. I've been too lazy and tired to post the 620 that I've owned for the past year on here.

  9. I am retiring my role as the resident MC at Nissan Jam this year. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Koji and Terry for letting me poison the airwaves with my voice for the last 3 years, but I've decided to enjoy the show itself than give commentary. I had fun, and I hope you guys did too..
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