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2nd Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic - Registration is OPEN

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California, Nevada, Arizina, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Mexico and any other state that wants to join in....


You asked for it... You got it. The Multi-State Datsun Classic in Williams, AZ that you asked to have as an annual event has been done. And the Registration for the 2nd Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic is OPEN!

We have worked hard at making this a great show and we are still working at it to make this a great year.

We have a lot in store for this year and we are working on getting more Datsun out so grab a Datsun owner and bring them along.

The show is being organized by NostalgicDatsun.com and operated and sponsored by SoCalROC

To Register log onto www.nostalgicdatsun.com or click here --->2nd Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic

All registration inquires need to be sent to registration@nostalgicdatsun.com

We look forward to seeing all of you back again this year.


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Sweet! I was bummed that I couldn't make it last year, now I'm all registered and looking forward to going! Just after the registration processing saying "Datsuns ONLY" I hope my Nissan won't be looked down upon, lol. Looking forward to finally meeting some of you!

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Hotel reservations made, gonna mail (yeah, I said it) out show registration tomorrow.....checked my calendar....82 days til the show!


KC30: Glad to see you are going to make it this year. I plan on leaving Burque between 8:00am and 9:00am if you are interested in building a caravan. I do have to warn you though, my 1200 may have a hard time keeping pace with an SR20DET

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I'm interested in a west bound caravan. but you won't have to worry about keeping pace, i'll be towing it. It's in need of more work before it could do long trips... and i don't think my spine could take it.

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It would be nice to have the Colorado folks with us this year. Last year they registered and the weather rolled in on them and they couldn't make it. It looks like a drier year so they might be in luck. We are looking forward to a great year.


Come on Ratsun group, sign up and have a great time, a beautiful drive, check out the real Ratiator Springs on Historic Route 66.


Join us in Williams Arizona - www.nostalgicdatsun.com - click on the Events button

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Talked up a guy at the Matchbox/Hotwheels show here in town today and emailed him info on the show. He may contact you for a vendor spot.


Williams is a great little town with some badass restaraunts. Great place to spend the weekend with new and old friends.

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2nd Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic – October 5-7, 2012 in Williams, AZ

Registration for the 2nd Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic opened on July 15 and registrations have been coming in from all over, so far the results are, the Roadsters are getting outnumbered by the Z Cars. At this time of the registered cars we have 35.7% are Z Cars and 28.6 are Roadsters, the 510s are at 14.3%, Coupes and other Datsuns are also at 14.3% and Diamond in the Rough 7.1% and NO Trucks have registerd. Where's the trucks? Let’s get these numbers up and see which Datsun group will be the dominating Datsuns at this show.

Let’s make this the largest ALL Datsun gathering in the west, or in the country. It’s not an unrealistic task, it can be done – Your Datsun can make the difference. Get registered, get your friends to register, this is a great event – Friday night Meet and Greet, Saturday the Show and a Poker Walk has been added, and Sunday Fun Runs as we head home.

To register log onto: www.nostalgicdatsun.com and click the Events button

Or log onto: www.socalroc.net

Inquires can be sent to: registration@nostalgicdatsun.com

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There are still a couple of states we are waiting to hear from. Lets get these Datsuns registered. You won't want to miss this event. You think last year was good? We have more instore for this year. Register at www.nostalgicdatsun.com - Awards for all categories - Some Great Raffles - Dash Plaques - T-Shirts - Prizes - 50/50 - Goodie Bags...


Shop on the Historic Route 66, meet some awesome people (Datsun owners), a Fun time for everyone!

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With a little more than a month and a half to go until registration closes we have just under half of the cars registered than we had last year. There is still time and it would be awesome to see even more Datsun this year. Have you pushed, I mean invited your friends to register? Even if you have to drag your Datsun there we have a class for you. This year we have a Poker Walk scheduled, and as a prize for the winning hand we have a Datsun Collectors starter kit that has old and rare Datsun items in it to get your collection off to a fun start, or to add to an existing collection. There are a lot of great prizes this year, Dash Plaques, T-Shirts, and Awards for each class.


Oh and don’t forget the Friday night Meet & Greet, location is being negotiated so stay tuned for more information.

So if you haven’t registered log onto www.nostalgicdatsun.com and click the Events button.


We will see you in Williams Arizona October 5-7 at the 2nd Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic!

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It can be cold once the sun goes down. I had frost on my windows both Saturday and Sunday morning other than that....pretty mild. There was a storm that moved through on Friday last year and I saw snow falling around Flagsaff on the way in but nothing stuck to the roads.


Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your teacher, hell....tell your preacher. This show is worth the trip, I mean there is a guy from Mexico that is registered.....thats a whole other country!

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