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  1. speedgato

    Pacifico santa monica pier special guests going

    Planning on heading out for this with the wagon. Won't enter because I don't know how long I can stay but I look forward to this and meeting some of you guys. I bet this will be way better than JCCS....heard a lot of 'insider preference' going on there the last few years.
  2. speedgato

    Multi-State Datsun Classic - News update

    More pics!!
  3. speedgato

    Multi-State Datsun Classic - News update

    You were missed brother................ See you at Historic J !!
  4. speedgato

    Multi-State Datsun Classic

    T - 17 hours until launch
  5. speedgato

    Multi-State Datsun Classic

  6. speedgato

    Multi-State Datsun Classic

    Datsun Southwest from Tucson. Friday Oct 3 8am QT -- Cortaro Rd Phx 10:30am McDonalds -- Carefree Hwy and I-17 Going through Flagstaff to Williams.
  7. speedgato

    GOONS check in

    And so, it begins...................
  8. speedgato

    GOONS check in

    Getting my Goon in 2 weeks!
  9. speedgato

    Pic's of your Z


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