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I need an urgent salution. no spark from coil.

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So its alittle humbling, with diagnostic equipment, tools and space gallore, books, ratsun, lots of resorces.

But i cant get spark from the coil on my freinds 79 210. I need to get it sorted by the end of the day tomarow at the latest.

To say the least there has ben some custom wiriring, the starter is ran off a momentary sitch, pulling power off the coil. So my first thought was coil. Change the coil and got no spark. So i jumped right to the coil off the battery, no spark, so i pulled the dizzy checked it out the best i could and it seems great i would have bought it.


I have ignition power at the switch, coil, alt, but no,dash lights

I rang out the fuses. I swapped in a third coil. I need some help with trouble shooting this one.

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Points type distributor, or electronic?


Ignition systems work like this. Battery power is supplied to the coil positive.

The coil negative is grounded by some type of switch, controlled by the engine.

When it is time for the coil to fire, the engine opens the switch, and the coil fires.


The switch could be a set pf points, a black "matchbox", or some other electronic device, but it is still essentially a switch.

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Check the coil wires, the best of people get the wires backwards on EI dizzys, negitive side of the coil goes to the "C" terminal, positive side of the coil goes to the "B" terminal.

If that isn't it, make sure you have power to the coil when the key is in the start position.

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Are you by chance ... losing (+) to the coil during "cranking" position of Ignition switch ?


*Disconnect the starter "excite" wire or activation wire (at the starter --- from ign switch)

*Grab a friend.

*Have friend turn key to "On" position on Ign switch and test for voltage in engine bay

*Have friend turn key to "Start" position on Ign switch and test for voltage in engine bay ( turn as needed )


*** In my experience condensors can literally be bad right out of the the new box! Make sure those connections are super clean and tight/double check gapping. The connectors through the distributors on many of my l-series have given me "notice" at one point or another.*** I'd look really hard at that distributor ... and (b+) while cranking to coil if it were my own :) . You already hot-wired the damn car so it should have ran :lol: ;).


If "Acc" do not work you might consider fusible links and/or bad ignition relay/shorted wire or a possible bad ignition switch.


I would be suspicious of the internal guts of the ignition switch itself. If you have a spare pop it in (after testing or suspicion).


Edit: I'm pooped and probably not giving good advice or reading straight lol

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i cant post the wiriring dia. But i pulled it from the pdf page, i didnt wire the starter to the coil, both coils i tried where from running cars. The car ran but had another problem, then when i sorted those out i made it a block from home and lost spark.

Its a 79 b310 with a ei distibutor.

Thank you for the suggestions ill get back to it right after work :)

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