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  1. DATN510

    EFI info

    Hello all, I know its been awhile. i have more pics to post soon. Also does anyone have an adjustable cam gear for an L series engine? Im having problems with compression and need to set back the cam. any help would be great. Thanks, Mike
  2. DATN510

    EFI info

    [/url]">http:// Here's a pic of the engine bay, I tucked the wires, sealed some holes, some bondo work to smooth the edges, did a base coat and 3 coats of clear Painted the block and installed. If you can see the wires at the top right? ARP bolts and timing cover. Head on! Turbo on with some wraps. Plenum and fuel rail. Starter, filter and some hoses. Ill post more later. Take it easy everyone!
  3. DATN510

    EFI info

    i will post pics soon.
  4. DATN510

    EFI info

    Hello everyone, I have a really good question for ya! So I did some more research regarding my timing issues that i've been having some problems with, and came up with a possible solution. As far as the timing issue I believe I have is that my cam is opening the valves to soon, and not allowing the full amount of fuel to mix and compress. which means I believe that the spark is to soon, only igniting maybe half of the mixture. my question is, can this be fixed through the distributor timing or is it a mechanical issue? Where I have to set the cam lobes back a tooth or two on the sprocket. Of coarse I know about the valve clearance hitting the top of the pistons. In the new forged pistons I have gotten< after the old ones seized the engine due to a design issue. They placed a grove at the top of the pistons where the valves come down at. The old pistons did have a make on them where the pistons did hit the valves, but didn't damage the valves. although that was the only time I had boost. at this time I have no boost, I did a boost leak test and did have a few leaks and fixed them. I did some thinking about the distributor and believe that no matter where i align the distributor, I wont be able to get proper retard to get this to work right. I did get the new CAS distributor to get the car started in toothed wheel mode with the Megasquirt, but unfortunately my fuel pump relay started turning off and on. Causing only two of the four injectors to work. which is another question I have if anyone can help me with? I know Matt Crammer is on this site and he's the megasquirt guru! hopefully he can chime in? Thank you in advance for any info on my problem. Mike
  5. DATN510

    EFI info

    Yeah it has been! especially with the megasquirt! Thanks Jezz.
  6. DATN510

    EFI info

    Hey guys and girls, Hows everyone doing? Well here is an update. I got the engine all put back together and installed, with the new tranny, clutch and of coarse the turbo. I'm having alot of problems hopefully you can help? My timing is spot on, but to get her running I have to drop the oil pump and set the rotor 2 slots clockwise to get her going. I have 2 dizzy's i'm working with, the matchbox dizzy and the custom optical dizzy with the megasquirt aftermarket 24-1 disk. The timing at idle is 30-35 degrees, I do believe it is BTDC. I did have her running with the Nissan trigger disk, but when I gave her gas it just died! I am so frustrated with this! and would almost like to go back to the fuel injection. But it would cost to much time and money. Please someone help! Of coarse I will post pics soon. Thanks. Mike
  7. DATN510

    EFI info

    Hello all, Here is an update. Had some problems with the custom pistons, the pin holes were milled to small and seized in the 2 and 3 cylinders. Causing lots of damage. I had to buy a new crank, that i got from Ratsun. bore the block to 3.46" due to scoring. I just got in the mail the new custom pistons, so hopefully ill have the engine back soon. I did do some work on the engine bay. I tucked the wires through the frame and repainted the engine bay all white. ill post some pics soon and keep you up to date. Thank you for asking about the progress. Mike
  8. DATN510

    EFI info

    The rist pin bore on the pistons were milled to small, causing the pin to seize. Something that would only have been noticed at manufacturer. They are making me new ones for free.
  9. DATN510

    EFI info

    Hello all, I'm in a bit of a bind. The custom pistons i had made had some problems with the design. Unfortunately they damaged the block and crank, I can get them repaired but will cost more than i'd like. Does anyone out their have an L18 short block for sale or at the least a stock L18 crank? Thank you all for your help. Mike
  10. That's not bad, did they do any tuning? If you don't mind me asking, what did they charge you for the dyno? I just got my 510 running yesterday, and need to find a place to dyno and tune with a megasquirt. Im hoping to get around 250 hp with my setup, but after seeing your stats, im probably way off.
  11. Hey! Thanks for the replies. we have done all these, new filter, new fuel pump, points, condensers, checked float bowl level when bogged down, new coil, plugs, wires. oil level on pots.We still need to change or check ballast, and recheck float levels. im sure its something simple, but haven't figured it out yet. we'll look at more on monday. Any other suggestions would be great! Thank you all. Mike
  12. Hello Ratsuners, My friend has a problem with his L18, she sputters around 2500 RPM. She has a new engine build and was running fine a few weeks ago, she has a new alternator, and a gear reduction starter, single points, new plugs. She idles fine and revs fine. when ii drove her. she started to sputter rapidly. She has dual SU carbs, Any help would be great? Thank you! Mike
  13. DATN510

    EFI info

    No I haven't gotten a reply back yet.
  14. DATN510

    EFI info

    Hello all, I have a question, does anyone know how to wire the dizzy from a 84-85 nissan 280z - 240sx. Using the nissan trigger from megasquirt? My dizzy has a red,white green and black wires coming out, and need to know the correct way to wire it? I am going through the megasquirt to control the advancement due to the turbo. Once I get this figured I can start the car. Thank you everyone! Mike
  15. DATN510

    EFI info

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I just got my engine block, pistons and crank back from the shop and yes ill send pics. I was thinking about recording putting her back together, or at least pics. they will include: engine build, head install, painting of engine bay, turbo install and intercooler. I will be starting this weekend so stay tuned. Oh yeah does anyone know where to get a oil restrictor 40mm I can't seem to find one, if not ill just make one. I also need a thermostat housing upper and lower? Thank you a a all for being my friends! Mike
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