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Project: Saved From The Crusher!


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My neighbor at my shop crushes are for a living so he travels within a 4-5 hrs radius and picks up/ gathers cars then the crushers comes to his yard and takes all of them away,

i seen this datsun and it took me bout a week to get it, i had to sell some stuff, i ended up buying it for crushing price.


when i got it, it looked/ smelled like goats were living in it, there was dropping everywhere and leaves, dirt ect ect, under the hood wasnt any better looks like they were robbing parts off of it, there was no radiator, fan, coil ,plug wires, battery, look like rat were living under there

one good thing is when he parked it he pulled out all the drain plugs....but he didnt take in to consideration is only the right side tires going flat so the rear pass side of the cab and rocker are rusted out bad? i can fix it, i do that all day at work so im not to worried about that


so its been about two weeks since i got it, and the first thing i did was lower it, block in the back and re did the tortion bars up front

he brought in a 1980 datsun king cab so i took the distributor, coil and wires, radiator and put them on mine (except the dist) put a used battery in it, i also took off the carb, and cleaned it up made sure everythign was working, it still needs to be rebuild, i put some tranny fluid in the cylinders left it for a few day then tried to turn it over with a ratchet it did and seemed great so i made a make shift gas tank because the whole top of mine is rusted out and she fired up it it took awhile but me and some buddys finially got it going

Also gave her a bath

Got a new(used) wiring harness so it would turn over with out having to jump the starter

im going back to the junk yard to get the inside wiring harness and all the switches, and horn botton and anything else i can find


so i need alot of parts if you see something i need in the photo let me know ill prob buy it





well on with the pictures...

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Got a new(used) wiring harness so it would turn over with out having to jump the starter



Dude if the harness hasnt been fucked(cut in a million places) with I highely dought its bad.

Mostly corrossion and easly fixed usually the fuse box area. get the other harness for a spare but all my fixes were corrossion wheather inside the instrument panel or by the fuse box


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Most of the fuse block was gone, they just stripped the wire and twisted them together, there was only one org fuse holder, that why I went to the junk yard and pulled a complete with a good fuse block


Ive been looking into doing a ka24de swap into, so if you now any good threads I should read let me know

I have found several pictures of it done, and I like how it looks

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Do any one with a 521 complete a ka swap seems like most of the ones I read about either dnt finish or sell it or stop posting



Been looking for the ka, seems like those motor goes fast around here all the one I called bout have already sold it.


What tranny fits best in the 521?





I would like to do this to my hood but want to keep it green, maybe do like a forest green, so it kinda looks like a ghost painting

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Lots of guys put that on their hood, in all differant colors, I have even seen one they stripped down to bare metal in the proper places, and then they let it rust.

I have seen it done to the cab top, underside of the hood, side of the car, and one was the whole car, all I can say is pick compatible colors. :D

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Youre pictures are a little hazy so its a bit hard to tell... what color is the truck? It could either be a light blue that looks green in pictures because of the quality or it happens to be green... I would guess green because you have that John Deere green powder. Is that the OEM color... can you see the color code tag under the hood? It looks almost identical to my cars color. Ive thought mine was some random aftermarket color since its been resprayed once, but if its a OEM respray that makes me a happy camper.


PS. Welcome to Ratsun, and thank you for saving a Datsun.

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I did the Rising Sun as a Joke about 12years ago which I stole from a jap racing car I seen in a magazine and my hood was fucked up anyways.So I did it. Persoally I think it only should be done to car/trucks that are alreadsy red or white.

It took off again and seen in my hood a new Honda S200 with one on the trunk.A accord and a Toyota AE86 with one also.


Personally I think your truck looks cool with the green patina paint already maybe just buff it out as Im sure texas Rust has that sand blasted type surface rust with is not big deal and adds charator.(Not the Hawaii, Detroit salted road sand rust which penatrates like smashed Patato chips)Poke your finger thru it

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