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StreetFighter 620


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i wanna go with diamond racing steelies (or something very similar) in 16x9s. not sure what tires yet since idk how to read the tire sizes and stuff haha




225= width of the tire in millimeters

70= is the height of the sidewall in percentage of the tire width (in this case 70% of 225 or 157.5mm)

R16= is the width of the rim it fits

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Haha also know that the sidewall height is for both above the rim and below the rim. So there is 78.75mm of tire above the rim and 78.75mm below the rim. So in the instance I gave above, that tire and rim choice would yield a total height of 22.2 inches. 

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okay awesome! still kinda confused.. im a visual and hands on learner hahah. but all i know is that i think i want like 2 inch sidewall, so for top and bottom total 4 inches of tire.. so all together it would be like 20 inches.. to much meat?

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Like zero or +25?   I'm not sure, they could be zero offset because the lip on either side look pretty even. I haven't been able to find my specific wheel at all to get the actual specs. However the wheels are the same front to back. EDIT: I did find out the offset of these wheels and they were -32

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So it's been a minute sense I've updated this. The carrier bearing is not the problem, it's something in the transmission making the growling noise. I've got a 510 goon 4 speed I can install for now, but would like to get myself a 5 speed. The starter also went out again. Luckily it's got some warranty on it, so I sent it back and they're sending one to me, should have it start of next week. I still have some wheel gap up front and room on my torsion bars, so I'll be lowering it a tad bit more before the IR208 show in Boise in August.

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the whole rear bumper thing depends on the cop, I was never hassled by cops for my 75. But my friend in a lifted toyota with custom bumpers and rock sliders got a ticket for no rear bumper. Went to the CHP station and they looked and signed off. Whatever.

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