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StreetFighter 620


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All we did what use a 2 inch steel pipe (I think) hold it to the tire and push the truck back and forth while pushing down on the pipe to pull the fender out alittle bit at a time.


Like this:




I ended up going to the second hand store and buying an old wood baseball bat.  Having the taper helped quite a bit.

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So I'm the process of joining the Sunset mini truck chapter in my area and the more I hang out with them the more I've been thinking of bagging this thing. Never thought I'd want to bag it, but it's been growing on me and I've got my 510 I can do the more up to date kinds of things to. Any thoughts?

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Thank you. I like the way it sits too, but bags are for sure the next step. Oh I got a lot more than just 3 inches. If you take a look at how truck did look on page 1 and then after I lowered it. I think I was actually closer to a 9 inch drop between everything I did. So future plans for the truck... Going to get it to the point where I can reliably drive it every day, then I'll be selling my SE-R and putting the money into getting my 510 on the road for my daily, then tearing the 620 down and doing body work, paint, and air bags. (Update: Totaled my SE-R, so 510 get more back burnered.)

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Well I knew I needed I had to replace my carrier bearing due to some play in the driveline, but hadn't had the time. I don't drive everyday do it wasn't too big a deal, until... My car was down so I had to drive my truck for a few weeks waiting on funds. Then one day on my way home from work on the freeway the carrier bearing completely gave out, put too much stress on the ujoint, which sheared and took a chunk out of the eyelet on the shaft. So now I'm in need of a driveline from the carrier to the rear end and less than two weeks to get it fixed... FML



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