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StreetFighter 620


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So I never set up a thread for my 620 and figured it was about time. So I bought my truck in November of 2004 for $1000 with just under 78,000 original miles on it.

This is how it looked when I first got it.

Then in July 2010 I desided to change it up abit, so I got some tips and advise on how to paint a vehicle and went after it.







Then in the early spring of 2011 I had a member of our local Nissan car club make up the tattered BRE race stripes. I painted the centers of the wheels and did a Rising Sun on the gas door.



I got pulled over one day for not having a rear bumper. So I bought a peice of angle iron and had Duane, aka. Greengoon, weld it behind the lights between the frame. This way I got the ticket dropped and don't have to put a bumper back on.




I destroyed my door panels when I replaced my door lock cylinders, so I shaped and painted some aluminum sheet metal door panels.


I finially got some smaller tires so I could lower it. I took it over to Duane's and we dropped it nearly 8 inches. Just did the front torsions, cut the bump stops in half, then put 4 inch blocks in rear, as well as removing 2 leafs from the pack. Still have room to clear speed bumps and even rides desent. I didn't take oics of the lowering process sence it's been covered before, but Duane took pictures of the finished product, so I'll have him post those up as soon as he can. I also painted the rest of the wheels flat black as well as the windsheild wipers and side mirror. And did the front bumper and door handles in black chrome.

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I'm going to build a tonneau cover for it out of sheet metal and use hood struts to keep it open when not latched. I've got a 510 that doesn't run, so at some point I'm going to gut my 620 and put it all in the dime to get it going, then I'll completly go through the truck body and clean up all the rust. It'll get painted back into the flat back, but I'll re-do the stripes in a gold and do other little accents in gold as well. Black and gold was a well known race color scheme in the 80's. Then I'll do an SR20VE with ITB's I think.

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You do knoww that 620's never came with a back bumper from the factory-right?



I was wondering about that same thing. Can they make you add a rear bumper to a vehicle that never had one in the first place?

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Oh I'm aware that that it never came with a bumper, but the stupid cop kept arguing with me about it. Adding a peice of angle iron to drop a ticket was worth the time and cost of trying to fight it.

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I'm pretty sure they can not force you to add a bumper to a vehicle that wasn't equipped with one from the factory. Cop tried to pull me over for that one day and I told him that it came that way from the factory and he left it alone. (plus I have a dropped hitch/receptacle on mine so that helps.)

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i was trying to figure out y your leafs look soo flat...was it hard pulling a leaf?



Not at all, just have to pull everything apart. I had 5 leafs, and you're supposed to keep the 1st, 3rd, and 5th. If you have 3 to start with, I don't believe you should remove any

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I made up a Banksy Toxic Rat stencil and painted it on the ammo can then mounted it in the bed. Secured the lid as well, so I have my jumper cables and lug nut wrench in there. I've also bought a surplus fuel can which I'll be fabbing up a mount and locking system as well.


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No they're 205/60R15. Had to roll the fender lip alittle for them to tuck. Welcome to Ratsun. You should post up an introduction of you and your vehicle in the 620 section. Make sure you add a few pictures. Good luck with your truck!

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2eDeYe' date='09 March 2012 - 08:30 AM' timestamp='1331310659' post='650817']

Those don't look like the stock shackles at all.


Was about to say the same thing. Those shackles look 1'' longer then stock shackles.





What size rims are those? I love them!

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