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620 Aluminum Radiators

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Well I mentioned that I had a prototype that I was waiting to test fit. After a few months I was finally able to track down a quality 75 620 owned by my friend Big Robert who helped me out. Problem is there were just way too many bracket adjustments that needed to be made in order for it to fit. I am now in the process of making those adjustments and will be sending these back to be re-tooled in about a week. However, that means they will then be at least 90 days until they are produced. They will cost $240. Here are a few photos from that day. We got 3 of the 4 holes to line up so we could do a mock install.





This shot shows how far off the OEM outline is vs. this one.


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I see them up on eBay and such (Champion Radiators)

I have a 2-row sitting in the back of my truck but I am thinking about just getting an aluminum radiator. I am very pleased with the one I have in my 510 (CXRacing) even if it's not a work of art like a Ron Davis. 100 degrees outside sitting in traffic and it doesn't skip a beat. I'd like that security in the 620 when it's on the road.


I am also curious if it will have provisioning for mounting the stock fan shroud as well, since that would be ideal - if not it's not a big deal, since I tend to enjoy my electric fans either way. Whether or not there is provisioning for a thermoswitch like the CXRacing radiators, would interest me as well. (Temp Switch from a VW fits in the plug on my CXR radiator with some teflon tape).

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