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Pics of the 521 V8

521 V8

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Yeah its probably going to end up flat black with some old school pinstriping. I have a guy that is going to do some pinstriping for me for free so that will be sweet. Yeah I will probably cut those u-bolts off here some day. I already splattered rubber all over the passenger side the other night. I can't wait to mess with the hondas. Im just waiting on insurance and registration to start terrorizing the streets.

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Yeah, a posi would be nice. I could probably find one in a junk yard and rebuild it. I have all the tools at work to do it so it would take less than a day to throw it in. I have another 350 that I am planning on building up here soon. I will probably rebuild the tranny too since Im not sure of what condition its in. Just more things to make it more crazy.

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Yes it is a narrowed chevy 10 bolt under there with the stock Datsun springs. The guy who originally built it used the stock Datsun hub and redrilled holes into the hub itself and welded the studs in. If I could I would get an original Datsun hub and just put it back to 6 lug and hopefully find the same wheel just in 6 lug to match the rears, or get wheel adapters, but for now I will just cross my fingers that they dont start cracking off.

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