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jim the anvil neidhart?

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2eDeYe;45221']He seems to be a body guy at least....




What he has to do with datto's I have no idea......


Unless...Is that you Jim???


I get it! It's posted in the Body / Interior section. But what does Harry Moley http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?t=3420 have to do with this too? Someone was up way to late , or is still up from last night.


BTW: as far as I know harry moley did not right cookbooks in the '20s, and Chavatoley is not a pasta dish from northern Italy.

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Just ban him, and if he inquires why, he's not a 'Bot, just weird.
a mexican co. with an 800 #? I don't think so.


This guy is F@#king with everyone. I say ban him.


weird or fuckin' with us is not a big enough reason..... yet. Half the members wouldn't pass that test. :D


Here's an example of truly weird/fuckin with you:




Does anyone remember this post on another forum? This guy was OUT there. Said he could run without turbos buy running the exhaust directly back to the carbs. He was suspected of signing up with several other names on the same forum. This way he always had supporters on his side. Marvelous fun to read.

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