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76 b210 sr20det or mild a14 build?

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so, I've been thinking a lot about how I want to go with a twin weber 40 dcoe carb setup on my stock a14 motor, but can't seem to justify the amount of money spent on that and a cam when I can get an sr20det motorset for less money. I wanted to ask this forum of the opinions about it as I think keeping the car with the original motor would be cool, but thinking about the cost difference seems to have me leaning so much towards the sr20det route. Tomorrow I am going to pull the trigger on the sr motorset and I just thought I'd rant to you all to see what you all have to say and possibly change my mind.


a14 + cam + twin weber dcoe = well over $1900

sr20det motorset minus a few parts that can be had for cheap = > $1500




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SR= fab work to mounts/trans tunnel/etc, extra costs in making compatible, wiring, more time. Total cost more than A14 parts. Update brakes and suspension. Update rear end. Modify driveline.


A14=Bolt parts on, done.


I know what I would lean towards...but just wanted to point out that the SR is gonna run you more way than $1500.




What engine is in your '91 240sx?

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Yes, if you have to pay someone to do the work.


Not if you fabricate and weld it yourself. The engine will come with wiring, the ECU, all sensors and the transmission, and an intercoolor. Not much left to buy unless you want 'race' parts or a ricer looking super-mongo intercooler. You'll need 2.25" exhaust, but that's a few bucks at pick-n-pull. You don't even need a CAN/AM box, although it is easier to use one.



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Electric fuel pump, new radiator, stuff like that. Lets not forget Upgraded Brakes... Dont need a smashed car from lack of brakes.


This has always been my problem, rebuild an L18 I find for my car, or get a KA motor set, probably about the same price.

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Oh yeah the many necessary things.


Electric pump for the non-turbo is $12 at pick-n-pull. From a 280ZX. Would that work with the DET?

Probably should install a swirlpot, but you can fabricate one. Or pull the tank apart and weld in some baffles and install a submerged pump, then you have to buy the pump.


New aluminum Radiator is $43. Or used Pulsar radiator I think some guys use is the Pick-n-Pull special.


SR20DET doesn't weigh that much more (increase by about what two passengers weigh). So the optional 1200 disk brakes will still stop the car as fast as a 1970 Firebird. The stock A12 will do 90mph, so I hope your brakes will stop it now, before you do the swap!


Here's the $43 new aluminum radiator in a 1200. Is about twice as big, overkill for an A15 really, but what is less expensive?


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the big question is which would you personally be happier with?

Do you already have all the tools and materials to do the entire swap yourself? (ie: the correct wire for your welder


sure the sr20 is a great engine, but you add on the extra expenses like fabrication time etc... you will be further ahead hopping up the a14

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you all hit on a lot of valid points. i have a decent mig and the fab work for mounts doesnt scare me. i do realize that i will need upgraded rear end and brakes, especially since the car barely would stop itself under the a14 power. these are things that i was already planning for regardess of the final motor choice. i really wanted to stay a14 as the motor is freshly rebuilt along with new clutch. i saw a youtube vid of a guy with a twin carb and cam package in an a14 go a few laps around a track and the car was not slow and looked really fun. i would just hate to be at the 2k mark and come short of 110hp.

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btw, the sr motorset (complete) im getting is gonna cost 800 from a friend but has a bad bearing. i know a shop that can take care of that problem for about 300 bucks. so essentially ill be at 1100 minus all the additional parts ill need, exhaust, custom ic and piping, radiator, fan, pump, gauges. i imagine thats 1700 total being generous with cost.

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ive had an sr in my 240 for 7 years about. i know the motor pretty well including wiring and rebuild process. my 240 makes 286 wheel. i wanted to go lsx and donate the sr to the b210 but i think that powrrplant would be seriius overkill. i just came up on an offer from my friend to bhluy his sr w/t25 which seems more suitable

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Well a built A-series sounds fast, and will corner a race track fast. But it won't accelerate very fast.


Stock KA will turn a 13 second quarter in a 1200.

Most A14 with twin carbs will do about 17 in the quarter. Only one or two turbo A14s have every gotten down into the 13s.


especially since the car barely would stop itself under the a14 power

You can choose to fix the stock brakes. When working correctly the stop the car well, not as good as a 2011 car, but better than many back in the muscle car era. The brake hoses are so old now that many stretch, giving a spongy pedal and bad braking. When all is right the stock brakes have a hard, firm pedal.

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