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What do you think this is worth?

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I've been talking with this guy for a while... what do you think this is worth? I've seen it in person and it looks like someone attempted to roll the fenders with a bat a long time ago. Not much rust that I saw, the rear window is a plexiglass insert, interior is hammered. Rear passenger quarter was pushed in and pulled out. No grill as seen in the pictures. Of course I wouldn't buy without the title or bill of sale from the guy he bought it from.



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I've already told him to give me a call before he was going to scrap it. He finally gave me that txt yesterday.


He had it posted for 800 with some extras a few months ago. Now it's down to 600 or scrap yard. I am wondering about the title situation, he said he had it but not he can't find it. He never switched it to his name when he bought it so...

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If he doesent have legal paperwork, no legal scrap yard will take it, therefore he will have to take it to a private small scrapper, who are like pawnbrokers, he MIGHT get 50 bucks for it from them.....so don't let the buy it or I'm gonna scrap it bullshit be any sway on the price.......that's the old standby like "ran when I parked it". Fuckin stupid statements liket that piss me off, because anyone who had any fucking idea about scrapping cars would never make that statement, they would just scrap it.



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Depends on the paper trail. Realize that buying or selling a vehicle without proper paperwork is technically illegal. Now that is out of the way, get out your wallet and prepare to be very friendly with the dmv people. You will have to do a title search. Find the last registered owner. Find out what the wait period in your state is, and you will have to send them a document to sign over ownership to you and have it notarized. In idaho there is I believe a 90 day wait from the time you send them this registered letter, to the date that you can start further proceedings. So a few things can happen, either A they sign the paper and you can get a title, b they can legally come get the vehicle, nothing you can do about that, or c they don't respond then you can get issued a sherrifs title, since now the old addage that posession is 9/10th of the law. You will need to talk with the dmv for specifics in your state, but be prepared to wait, and spend some money on the chance that you may not get to keep the car....DON'T FIX IT UP TILL YOH HAVE THE TITLE, a buddy of mine did that on a rig he bought without a title and the po came and took the car, after he put a few grand in it...

Good luck

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I'm still in talks with him. I am not feeling at all pressured to buy this. This doesn't sound like a good deal. He told me to have someone put a lean on it and then they could apply for a title after 2 weeks. Sounds to sketchy for me... Looks like I won't be able to save this 510.

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What you need to do is take down the vin number, give to local law enforcement, have them do a check to make sure it's not stolen. If it comes back clean, you can probably track down the last registered owner, have them sign some paperwork, then give that and the receipt this other guy should give you to the dmv, and get it titled fairly easily. They may not even need that much for such an old vehicle. You may still have to file for lost title, but it's not hopeless.


Again, this all depends on if the car comes back clean. You can even request an officer meet you somewhere to check out the title before buying. Odds are the guy won't like that, but nuts to him if he wants it gone.


I'd offer $300 just because it's a 2 door. Check it out carefully for rust though. It may turn into a $50 car.

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I've checked it out pretty good, there is some rust.


Personally I don't think it's worth my time.. If the dude wants to give it to a junk yard with no title then it's his loss. He's going to about $200 plus on the deal. The car needs a TON of work in restoration to even be able to drive. Now on top of that I will have to pay a few hundred to hunt down a title. I'd be into this car for no more than $450 with a title ready to go which is what he claims a scrap yard will give him. Personally I am thinking he can't unload it and he's trying to get me to bite.


I would rather save some work all around and spend $1500 on a partial restoration with a title.

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That is a parts car at best. Save your money and. Buy somthing worth fixing up


I think you are right. It's got some really nice body panels with minimal rust but there is some. Probably would need at least one floor pan. I was just trying to save it. Parts car or project either one. We'll see what happens if the ad is gone tomorrow or not.

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It looks like it is in better shape than my car was, I got mine for like 400 or 300 I can't remember.


No title, ask Jim how long he has had the car, check the tags because it will cost a lot to register if it has not been in years

He hasn't had it very long. He bought it and never registered it. It was sitting in Eastern Oregon for a while.. likely a decade or so.


+1 for trying to save a datto! Buttlice to the dickhead that would rather crush it than give it a good home. People are assholes.


I hear ya..

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If you have the money and the room i would save it for 300.


He won't let it go for less than $450 because that what a wrecker offered him for it. I call it a bluff.. a legit scrap yard would stay far away from a car with no papers what so ever.

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The keeper and I on a trip to Portland swung by 700 cash and empty trailer same story firm or crusher. Ratsun yes car to make decent no. It's a pile. Were glad we skipped on it. Tell me you seen what is holding the rear glass in. Tons of self tapping sheet metal screws. But no mention of it . Pretty rusty. He's not going to budge. But will on his terms . Meaning you're going to have to wait

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Done this before, and it's not only worked successfully~ but saved my butt (from drama) a time or two! Call your DMV, tell them about this car you want to buy, give them the VIN, and ask them outright if the title's clear and what you'd need to do to resurrect it. There's more to it~ but they'll walk you through it. It doesn't hurt to have a friend (or friendly acquaintence) if you deal with a lot of cars. Don't get caught up in shady title fudging; you can lose your investment~ and even your freedom!



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