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  1. I remember seeing this at canby, holy cow what a time peice
  2. I did drop it Adam, and I don't want the truck if it isn't running, so maybe you should shut the fuck up.
  3. Lol nice dtp. Fuck it. No biggie I guess, was just really looking forward to having a 521. Sorry for getting upset.
  4. I'm pissed off because we had a fucking agreement, and you didn't follow through or even contact me motherfucker, yeah that's right I'm the asshole for getting upset. Fuck you Tim. Ever think that I had a garage full of wagon parts including a 620 5 speed, shortend drive line, and the tranny xmember for the swap also? If it was parts you wanted, I could have set you up really nicely, but you didn't even fucking call
  5. The fact is that we had a fucking deal and you undercut me and didnt even fucking let me know, I watched other trucks I wanted come and go and didnt even contact them be cause we had a fucking deal and I had first position on this truck as we agreed on. So yeah I'm a little pissed off, and yes we have done biz in the past but that doesn't mean it's ok to under deal me with other fucking people, most people on these forums can say I am pretty fair and level headed but it's bullshit when when I'm holding money for you just to find out you that you parted out the truck and didnt even let me know.
  6. We had a fucking deal Tim.
  7. Oh Jesus stop being a fucking pussy and do the turbo motor swap already
  8. I sold it to buy a nismo twin turbo 350z. But it sold as I was pulling in to buy it :(
  9. I asked first, I have no datto right now.
  10. Yeah, I have a deal on another car I really want super bad and need this gone asap
  11. Bump. Price drop to 2700, I need this gone, have a new car I'm trying to get. Top secret
  12. Well the frame is in great shape, it has a fresh l20 in it just swapped a month ago, and the new 5 speed is going in this weekend
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