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Cruisin the Gut - Vancouver


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I went last year in the RHD mini, that was the first time I had cruised the gut since the 70s, there were 2 major differances, there were a lot more nice vehicles, and we are all a lot older, maybe 3 differances, there were a few more people standing around also. What has not changed is there is still no where to park, and the cars don't move very fast but make a lot of noise. :lol:

Edit: I will probably drive the NL320 this year.

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I will be there! Last year was my first time, i cant believe I've lived here my whole life and never heard of this before!


The city of vancouver put an end to cruzing the gut in the late 70s, or at least tried to, that was when I got a real job and had to put them shenanigans aside.

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6 days away!!!!


So my question to the 'seasoned' veterans of the cruise is what time do things start to get good? What time are you Ratsun people planning on rolling out? I want to bring my wife, but she will need to interupt her study schedule to go.




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Looks like I'm shooting for noon to be out there. Where do we park? I guess we could congregate as the day progresses. It IS a cruise right. Haha.



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I went down there today, I seen eric in a goon, and the guy with the red KA powered 4X4 521, he had a good parking spot, I also seen cory on main street, I took the NL320 down around 5pm, received a lot of compliments, but went home and drove the RHD mini down there, the reaction is very differant in the mini, that car draws attention.

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No genre of automobile was omitted......a true event. It was awesome. So many cars that are on my "want" list. Can't wait for next year. Wish I could be at Draggin the Gut next week.



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Maybe the more pics we post, the more interest we get next year. Nice ride Cory. Did you get busted for playin with the switches while in motion? Hahaha.



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