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  1. erikcarter

    Aftermarket Wiring Kits, who has done it?

    I have already put all Autometer guages in my wagon. I am having issues with the alternator charging in my car.
  2. erikcarter

    Aftermarket Wiring Kits, who has done it?

    Did you have any trouble hooking into the column? All the kits I see have a GM column plug on them. I want to keep my factory column. Thanks, Erik
  3. erikcarter

    Aftermarket Auto Meter Fuel Guage

    http://www.jegs.com/i/Auto+Meter/105/3262/10002/-1 Here is the sender I used. The sender went on the top of the tank.
  4. erikcarter

    Aftermarket Auto Meter Fuel Guage

    I installed a Autometer fuel gauge and an Autometer universal sender in my stock goon tank. The sender fit in the stock and I used the stock lock ring. Ran one wire to the gauge and it works great. Easy as can be.
  5. erikcarter

    1972 510 Green Wagon

    That turbo set up is awesome!
  6. erikcarter

    510 Goon IRS Swap - goin lower...

    looks amazing. I am watching this thread I am getting ready to do the same swap to my goon. Thanks for the blueprints!
  7. erikcarter

    phils other wagon

    nice find! Im sure it will be awesome
  8. erikcarter


    I will take a look next time I have one off.
  9. erikcarter


    Are these the same wheels? I was told they are off a 84 Celica GT
  10. erikcarter

    1966 datsun 520 kingcab project, act 2

    looks great Wayno! I always wanted to make skirts for my 521 when I had one. Love the Ute look!
  11. Yeah it was working fine. I am sure because I was scared shitless after I did it so I watched it like a hawk.
  12. The light has never worked since I tried to install it. As for the alt I took it out Saturday and Phil tested it and it was working fine. I haven't had a charge light in the car for a year before this weekend. Edit I am confused to how it worked before because all I had hooked up was the yellow to a relay with no light. I also forgot to say that the new alt is a new style off a sentra with a wire adapter to the old T connector. I am a little Leary of the new style, wondering of it is needs something more than the old style?
  13. Matt-- I have the yellow hooked into the back of the alt with the big white red stripe from the starter and going to the fuse block. (positive terminal on the alt). I have the white with a black stripe going to a light under the dash and the other side of the light is to a keyed hot. I think I have it set up the same as your diagram but I will try taking the yellow and running it into the cab and finding a keyed 12 volt in there. What do you guys think?
  14. I have a 72 goon with a l20b and a 80 210 internally regulated alternator. I did a mild wire tuck three months ago and I put on a aluminum turnbuckle on my alternator instead of the stock bracket. I ran the car for a couple months after the wire tuck with no problems, I had the belt too tight with the new turnbuckle and ruined the bearings in the alternator. After I got a replacement alt the charging system has not been working right. When I first put on the new alt which was wired the same as the old, I was making to many volts like 17. Then I started to make barley 12 on my volt gauge. I talked to some people and discover that I needed the charge light so I wired one up but it doesn't work right either. It seems like the alt isn't putting any volts out through the T connector int the rear. I had it tested and all was well with it, so I know that I am missing something. Please help. Thanks, Erik
  15. erikcarter

    Sunday Night Fun Runs....Portland

    yeah im game

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