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  1. Uncle Laulau

    Got a 69 521!!! Newbi Needs Some Help!

  2. Uncle Laulau

    2013 Canby picture thread.

    my favorite so far has to be the 521 with the little camper and fat flares! sooooo nice!
  3. Uncle Laulau

    got a 521 had to join

    Nice find friend! Welcome
  4. Uncle Laulau

    brakes sticking

    Arrgggg. Brakes felt a bit less firm, more normal to me. Still binds after stopping. L rear locks on hard braking, normal for pickup? I guess it's time for a brake job, yuck. I'll inspect each brake before I replace pads. Maybe I've got a loose spring? Any tips would be appreciated Thanks Uncle Laulau
  5. Uncle Laulau

    brakes sticking

    ok status thus far...1st pedal looked good. 2nd master cylinder was at min fluid mark, no visible leaking. 3rd L front wheel moderately hard to spin, and seemed our of round. 4th I turned adjusting wheel L front up 1cm. wheel spun free. Now Im gonna drive around a bit, brakes don't fail me now! oh i topped off brake fluid
  6. Uncle Laulau

    brakes sticking

    I've got sticking brakes in my 72 pu. Started off noticing r front locking up the first time I applied the brakes. That went away and now I'm noticing sticking at stops. Im going to inspect the pedal, master cylinder, and brakes in that order. Thanks for the informative posts, and I'll let everyone know how it goes. Ive got my money on the r front being broken. I remember hearing a clunk when I broke way back. The clunk is gone and now the sticking.
  7. Uncle Laulau


    Thanks Banzai, I'll check the filler hose. I have the matchbox in the garage, I'll try and put it back in.
  8. Uncle Laulau


    Yay is right! Wayno is the bomb! Ratsun community has once again come to my rescue.
  9. Uncle Laulau


    Drove it over the bridge into work this morning...running even better than yesterday! I can't say thanks enough Wayno, you rock man.
  10. Uncle Laulau


    Oh my word, thanks and more thanks goes out to Wayno! Wayno came over after a perfect game of golf and started my truck right up. First he drained my gas tank, found water in it! Then got my wiring mess taken care of and put back in the points distributor and got it running! Wayno you rock!
  11. Uncle Laulau


    That wagon is over at Clark right. I park my 521 over there all the time, for class. Small world.
  12. Uncle Laulau

    Snow fun

    Yep came up south up that back ave and barely made it. Had a blast. I should've videoed my hill crawl! Fun fun fun.
  13. Uncle Laulau

    Snow fun

    Siiiiiccccckkkkkktastic post my man! Darn nice driving also.
  14. Uncle Laulau

    Snow fun

    1/17/12 a day that will live in my mind as the best snow night I have eva had in da Couve! Looked outside later in the evening, wife was snoozing and I was checking out the idiot box. Snow snow snow was coming down. Being a So Cal native I thought it was a blizzard! I woke my wife up to look out the window and she smiled, knowing she would have the day off...teacher. Snow takes on such a different meaning in the PNW. I've lived on the East Coast, and snow just aint that big of a deal for the locals, so I didn't make it one, so I would kinda fit in. Now snow iiiisssssssss a huge deal and I get to have fun and drive a forty year old truck around Vantucky in the middle of the night. Got stuck on a hill with other folks. Got unstuck and turned some heads. People didn't know what to think of the little truck. The driver was a dork for sure! Ah when will it snow again...
  15. Uncle Laulau

    1971 521 $2000 obo

    Hi I'm selling My 521! Need to sell quick, so you can get a deal! Thanks for looking here's the CL link $2000 obo http://portland.crai...2799690464.html

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