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I need motovaton

Brian D

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Have SKIB come over and talk crap to you while your sitting you butt on the couch eating donuts!

If that don't motivate you, then I will come over. You sign it over to me and I will have it ready to go in less than 30 days.


Don't be like the rest , be different and just GET ER DONE!




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If you don't have a build thread start one. If you have one, post pictures of any progress. Talk it up!!! Start with a plan, think about it any time your not directly involved with your wife. Divide a big job into smaller ones. Do easy ones to get going and not be overwelmed. Preparation is key... have the tools and time and space needed. Set asside time when you are unlikely to be interrupted, to do work on your vehicle.


Most important!!!! VISUALIZE : think about the final product, how it will look, how it will run. Imagine yourself driving it. See all the parts as a completed whole. VISUALIZE how you want it to look when done.

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Motivation is easy.

Set yourself a goal and achieve it.

Get it ready, running, and on the road in 30 days or you'll have to get rid of it to me laugh.gif



Seriously though, the best motivation is from looking at your project and making a list of things you wanna do with it. Where do you wanna be with it by the end of 2011? Better hurry up and get wrenching!

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For many people, the motivation to work on the project should not be to complete the truck and be done with it. Remember,


You have no boss on your back criticizing your work.

You have no customer arguing about the price you are charging.


Enjoy this freedom. Get the vehicle operable and drivable. Take it to a show, or at least a Sonic drive-in. Open your windows and listen to the envious compliments you overhear. Turn off the radio and shut off the iPod. Enjoy the music of your engine. Anyone can have a loud exhaust; you on the other-hand want to enjoy the sounds of a classic Datsun.

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