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    67 520, 71 521, 2008 GMC Enovoy, 85 S-10 Blazer
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  1. Brian D

    Wtb Titans

    Looking for some titans. I'm in the portland area. Let me know. 18s only please
  2. Brian D

    520 bumper

    I do have one. It isnt perfect by any means but it is usable. Pm me if interested
  3. Brian D

    521 dash pad

    Very good condition 521 dash pad. 1 small crack as pictured but is repairable. $100 obo.
  4. Brian D


    I have a 521 heater box. Pm me if interested
  5. I have Beebani custom upper and lower control arms, 720 vented rotor, 720 spindles,upper and lower balljoints,720 shafts for control arms and energy suspension bushings for the uppers. All that is needed for complete swap is 720 lower bushings and calipers. $300 obo. Please contact me on individual pricing.
  6. Brian D

    521 part out

    I do not. I kept it for my 520
  7. Brian D

    '67 Keep or Part out?

    Your welcome. Glad i could help.
  8. Brian D

    521 part out

    Which dash knobs do you need. I have some at home and others at work
  9. Brian D

    1981 720 5 spd tranny

    I will let you guys figure this out
  10. Brian D

    Weber 32/36

  11. Brian D

    1981 720 5 spd tranny

    How do i find number?
  12. Brian D

    1981 720 5 spd tranny

    That it is a j series 4 spd

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