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    1969 Datsun 510 Wagon I don't drive nothing else!
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    I have owned 2 510 wagons, 1 521 Pickup, 1 610 sedan, 2 110's, 1 810, and 1 910 wagon!
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    Helicopter trainer and Tech
  1. Doctoraudio

    Doctoraudio's 1969 Snow White Goon

    I finally have had some time to collect a few things. Really need this, time to reduce the noise. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B072KHXVML/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I bought the struts, I think! KYB 365056 Excel-G Gas Cartridge Now, I just have to set a date to get it all done!
  2. Doctoraudio

    Doctoraudio's 1969 Snow White Goon

    Hahaha! Yeah? I just got home from test driving the van again. Had to catch the bus home! Mother fuqker! I blew a front strut, so I am replacing it today!
  3. Doctoraudio

    Doctoraudio's 1969 Snow White Goon

    Do we have an instagram? https://www.instagram.com/mr.miyagi.ew/ that is mine! These are mine! Thanks guys for the support!
  4. Doctoraudio

    Doctoraudio's 1969 Snow White Goon

    Unfortunate , the races I get in are non video races. But here is some from that last big race in Vegas! I wasn't there! But this is baddass! Here is the best flight on the night@ f3expo! I was one of the judges. Check it out! If you think they are not fast, watch the little 220 mm quad whip the mustang's ass!
  5. Doctoraudio

    Doctoraudio's 1969 Snow White Goon

    I will get with you, I have a couple friends that may need a place. I am staying with family, from Wahiawa! I will be bringing my Sensei!
  6. Doctoraudio

    Doctoraudio's 1969 Snow White Goon

    What up, brother? I am a drone racing pilot. I raced in two of the biggest drone races in the world last year. http://dronenationals.com/ http://f3expo.com/ Trying to get ready for this years competitions. So, I can got the Hawaii this year @ Drone World Championships http://droneworlds.com/ Please check those links out! Other than that I have been working on my car from time to time. Nothing major really. Hahahaha! Finally got all new wheel studs. After the guys I bought tires from, stripped 2 - 3 out of 4 lugs nuts. On each wheel! After doing my alignment I thought my car was going to fall apart, coming home. So new tires cost me 380. New studs and lug nuts and locks nuts too. Another 100 bucks. Really made me upset. But it is fixed now! All tires are wearing perfect foot prints. Car drives straight and I am no longer fighting the wheel for control.
  7. Doctoraudio

    Doctoraudio's 1969 Snow White Goon

    Okay, boys! I will get some more pics and info typed in later today!
  8. Doctoraudio

    Datsun T-Shirts and More

    Where is the clean 4 door wagon, shirt? No respect for the wagon!
  9. Doctoraudio

    Dan Uphoff!

    Okay, Dan. We are cool again. I was taking care of it and wham I was off. I don't come o here as often because I am busy doing my new job. I think I need a new keyboard now. And thank you guys, for not being more dicks! DatzenMike, pls delete this page. It is solved!
  10. Doctoraudio

    Dan Uphoff!

    I posted on the facebook page. On Phill's post about his car being up for sale. I was soldering and flicked some solder into my keyboard. I went to type and the N was sticking and still is. I have to hit it pretty hard, to get it to work. So I flipped it over and slapped it couple of times. When I flipped it over again. I realized that I had made about 20 post with + and - only. So I start to delete it and Dan Uphoff calls me a idiot, and kicks me from the fucking group. Guess, totally uncalled for! Never done nothing like that. I will be at the next meeting to discuss this in person! I will apologize for giving you the impression, I was being negative. But, I was not! Now it is your turn!
  11. Doctoraudio

    GOONS check in

    Funny, how most of you young guys every one knows your women. Hahaha, wait that sounds really bad! Oh,fuck. Forget about it!
  12. Doctoraudio

    GOONS check in

    On topic, her legs are not that thick. That's Phil's girl. She is cute, but phil did a no no. Never bring a hungry girl to anything to do with cars. Wait! Unless you want to leave early! And they did! hahahaha! She is a nice girl. I can call her that, cause I am twice her age!

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