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New guy with another truck to spend money on


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I recently bought a 1974 Datsun 620 pickup to use as a daily driver being as my daughter is inheriting my daily driver 96 Camry upon her graduation this year. I got the engine running well, but upon disassembling the front suspension, I have found some parts unobtainable through my local autoparts stores. Namely the upper inner and outer lower threaded bushings and their associated pins and crosshaft. If these parts are obsolete, is there anything they can be converted to? The only modifications I will be doing to this truck is a reliable (or upgraded) front suspension and a 5 speed to bring down the rpm's. From what I have read so far, the FS5W71B 5 speed is a direct (almost) bolt in replacement for the original long tail F4W71B 4 speed tranny. I would appreciate some feed back if this is not true. If I ever figure out how to post pictures from my files, I will show off some views of my 99.9% original (with original camper shell) little antique truck.



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I saw some NOS kingpin stuff on PDX CL recently. He been re-posting for awhile w/ lower and lower price, but can't find the ad no more. If it pops back up I'll get info for ya ( I search "Datsun" on CL at least 2x a day :D) Point being, there's still NOS out there, just $$$. Also saw 2 rolling chassis FS, get a newer 620 frame, and u can have front disk and crap.

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I have LOTS of kingpin parts. I have no idea what to ask though. I had to cut up 6 trucks so I saved all front suspension parts. Shipping would kill You though!! This stuff is HEAVY!!!



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OK...Signed up with photobucket and put a couple of pictures in the album. Now I'm gonna see if this works. Murphy's law usually goes into overdrive when I touch a computer keyboard.74DATSUN2.jpg[/img]74DATSUN1.jpg[/img]



Well, It looks like Murphy's law is prevailing. Does the image have to be resized to something smaller?

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I have been around this truck since it was bought new in northern California and driven immediately back to Arkansas. It belonged to my uncle who worked with my dad on carpenter jobs. I remember as a teenager riding in the back of it on the way to jobs. My uncle was an old man who never drove over 45mph and was a stickler for maintenance. When he passed on his son inherited the truck and he parked it in his backwoods yard (with 130k miles on it) until I bought it 6 months ago. I've been looking at newer small trucks but everything reliable is just too expensive, so I,ve decided to throw some money at this Datsun and make it a decent daily driver. At least this truck can be fixed on the roadside with pliers and a nail file. My other 4 wheel alternative for transportation is a 454 Chevy truck that gets 9mpg, so in the interest of getting this Datsun on the road you people are probably gonna be hearing me ask some questions that are common knowledge to old Datsun fans. PLEASE have patience. I will try to get some more pictures up (now that I know I have to resize) as soon as the tornados and lightning storms let up. Right now its in the one space garage up on jacks with no front end under it waiting for bushings to come in the mail from O'Rielly's online while our new Sonata sits outside in the hailstorms.



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