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Where can I get these wheels?

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Thanks all, 40 bucks on Summit now lets see if I can find some used ones.


I have a set of four that look very much like the ones your looking for. You can have them if yoy pay for shipping. I don't have my camera so you'll have to wait for pic's.


They were on my car trailer.

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FYI: for very good American made version go to:




The pro/std trucker series has D-shaped center holes. Diamond

can make special offsets and entirely custom steel wheels, and are

powdercoated (including chrome version, which is actually chrome

like powdercoat). They offer every bolt circle known to man.


Bart wheels can be ordered through Summit and Jegs among others.

They're stock sizes only, but still US made and cheaper than Diamond.

The Bart wheels I had were painted, not powdercoated, and started to

rust after being parked outdoors a while.

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I've got a set yu can have for free


I don't think he likes free. I offered a set also. But with shipping.

If no one want's them I'm going to put them in the scrap pile.

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I like free very much TY.


Just haven't came back to this thread. Tadaaj what size and offset are your wheels? Also what is this about the wheels seperating? Is that a legit concern for a wheel that is in average condition? I really like those wheels for some reason but not if they are going to fall apart on me.

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