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  1. When I get "a little behind", I'm real happy!!!
  2. If I understood Doug correctly he has taken the trucks to Roseburg(lucky southern oregon guy's)!!!! For those trying to ask me about Dougs trucks, I don't know any prices or what he has, his number is in the first posting so call him!!! Dave P.S. The 520 for Z Chopper I also know of a what I think is a 520? 520 style but I think it has 4 headlights is that what you were looking for? it is in Canby! Call me Dave 503-317-0647
  3. dvboth

    dogleg swap

    the only short shifter you will find is with a hacksaw!
  4. dvboth

    dogleg swap

    trannies (or transmissions for straight people) are the same, crossmember is the same, the flywheel, clutch, clutch fork, throw out bearing and throw out collar you want to keep together! take your motor and trans out, take the trans off the motor take the clutch and flywheel off put them on the 1800 take the cutch fork collar and bearing out of the tans and put them on the 5 speed put the trans back on the motor slide the motor back into the car! if you are fast maybe a 2 to 3 hour swap if you are ready and have the parts together!
  5. looks like a nice "sixpack" r/t coronett behind it???
  6. datsun didn't come with, wouldn't fit in the carry on! lol, staying in a condo on spencer and flamingo!
  7. here in Vegas visiting! i will be here till friday morning!
  8. dvboth

    Canby 2012

    it has to say "datsun driving canby fun 2012" and have datsun cars on it! you have till december 1st! be fast!
  9. dvboth

    Canby 2012

    we still owe someone for last year! you know who you are! we'll get you on the pay-pal!!
  10. dvboth

    Canby 2012

    Artwork for the event anyone! winner gets some cash!
  11. dvboth

    Canby 2012

    Datsun Driving CANBY Fun June 9 and 10, 2012 We want you there!!!!
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