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  1. ohio510

    Rims...post what you have & had

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
  2. ohio510

    Rims...post what you have & had

    I feel stupid for asking this.... But I've had some major surgery, I haven't been on for about a year and my 510 is in storage. I don't remember the max offset I can go, and the bolt patter of my 69' 510 :( can someone help me out please. I would appreciate it.
  3. ohio510

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Started it changed the fluids and sat in the driver seat wishing for spring......
  4. ohio510

    Acrylic Conceptions

    Dude your allways on top of cool stuff, once again awsome job
  5. ohio510

    Ricer Sightings

    Does anyone remember robotech?
  6. Pushed mine out of the garage to clean then pushed it back in beautiful ride.
  7. ohio510

    Goodbye West Coast.

    Funny I was just in Lexington, welcome to the dark side.
  8. ohio510

    The problem with driving a lowered vehicle

    Around these parts the gaps and levels highways and bridge overpass are so bad you bottom out @ 65+ sucks.
  9. Check with shaggy I know he sells some
  10. http://dayton.craigslist.org/cto/2908662535.html
  11. ohio510


  12. ohio510

    Ricer Sightings

    @ a car show in Dayton lame as hell this will explain a lot could still smell the krylon and if you look closely there is a tv in the back (tube tv lol) not a ricer but worthy
  13. ohio510

    We all have other cars

    No one is a uber Dick here that's why I love my community
  14. ohio510

    We all have other cars

    Just got booted off an Audi site f....in pricks that's why I love my home ratsun

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