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Can you spot the illegal alien

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he looks like a local native american to me. lol





Fujie, are you thinking that if he is a native American then he can't be an illegal alien????.... or was it just an ugly woman??? in which case she wasn't fertilizing that plant at all.

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Guest kamakazi620

That right there makes you half Mexican!! Then the pic, your a shoe in or bean in. OMG that was funny

He also drives a SENTRA with 17s = full Mexican for the WIN!!! can't lynch me holmes!!

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Guest DatsuNoob

thats gross how do you use the bathroom without wiping?!!?!? :blink:

(I mean the plant)


And how did so many people not notice him at all?!?!?! :huh:


And just how do you think the Dirty Sanchez was born? :blink: C'mon, atleast he wiped his ass on the trunk of the plant a little to knock off the big chunks, it's not THAT bad.

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