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71 prerunner


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Hello all, New guy to your forum here. Glad we found you. Thought I would post some pictures of our new to us 521. Bought it in California a few months ago. Built well, just needs some finishing up. Suppose to be my son's first truck in about a year, but I'm getting attached to it. I had a 71,converted to 4x4, in about 1982 as my first truck. Should of never sold it. Also have a 70 521 we're parting out, will post it in the classifieds. Thanks for the forum.




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Welcome!That truck is sweet, i think thats the first 4x4 521 iv seen. more pics plz :D


There are a few out there but I never seen one as nice as this. Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks for the welcomes and comments. Truck is actually only 2wd. Still a Datsun frame, but has a 2.5 SOHC,5-speed,rearend, frontend, PS and PB all out of a Ranger. Front arms are widened and braced. Will get some more pics tomorrow. Thanks again for the welcomes.

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That is a GREAT looking truck! I would like to see more detailed pics of the cage. I'm getting ready to cage one of my trucks and I really like the way yours looks. Could you also give us some more pics and details on that great looking rear bumper too?





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Thanks again for the comments. Good to here from cool people. Bob, rear bumper is all pretty thick steel, clean design. Guy we got the truck from said he built it. Tried to get some cage pics. Interior needs lots of work.








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Baja4 - Thanks for the cage pics. It looks like it is built so the bed and cab can not be removed. How did they attach the tubes that go down through the cab floor to the frame? I would love to see that!




I love that thing! :thumbup:

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