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Dec 27, 2009 Ratsun Meet Photos!


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Sunshine! Another fine meet.


Today's theme was Datsun Pickups. Two cars showed and a whole passel of pickups.


Nas just got this 620 on the road this week:


(that's vwmoparfreak's great blue whale in the backround)


ggzilla's subcompact Datsun pickup:



apollo77's Lil Husler 5-speed



Rick-rat's 620 pickup


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just a few of us trucks!


Nothing like bar-b-que with lots of beef hotdogs!


cant get a good shot of this without glare!! wonder why?...:blink:


great for helping people out of the bed!


more ratsun creativity!


ggzilla's desinated driver! He can even reach the pedals!!! :lol:


Apollo77's long bed, Love the shoes!! they look familiar...;)


It was a great get to gether fellas, I look foward to next month!:cool:

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It was great to see some of the regular crew as well as seeing and meeting some new folks. I look forward to the new year and getting out and doing the Ratsun stuff. I always enjoy the people. It is a big reason why I got into and I am still into car/truck stuff 25 yrs after I got my first mini truck and lowered it. I am not a young pup like alot but i can still enjoy all the good times.

JZ I really dug your KC, I want to sell one of my standard cabs and get a KC....I also love seeing all the trucks come out. Not a single 510 int the mix...What up with that folks. I guess the truckers just like to have all the fun,. And dont blame it on the weather it was beautiful out today...thx to all and see everyone in 2K10

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It was great to meet you guys, and put some faces to screen names.

Meets like this remind me of when I was into aircooled vw's back in the day.

You know, where people actually try to meet you and not just eye you suspiciously, like in the honda/ import scene.

Good times, fellas.

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I'm really glad you all had a great time! I wish now that I had gone as well, but I would have had to show up in my '02 'rolla, as the carb for my 620 is sitting on the workbench in my garage. Thanks for sharing all the great pics. If you do plan on meeting again in January, maybe I can make it then.



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