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what the hell is that noise

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after tearing my car apart i finally think i figured out what my vibration in the rear end was .


phill came over tonight helped me pull the half shaft off and snug up the stub shaft's. when we went to pull the dog bones off we noticed they where loose.

the last time i took them off i know for a fact i tightened the shit out of those thing's. so we inspected the lock washers and realized they where flat so we went to home depot and bought some washers and put it back together. when i put it back together i swapped the dog bones from one side to the other. That way if it still vibrated on the right I could rule out the dog bone.


So i hop in the car take it for a test run . by the way its midnight about this time. I take it on a test run and i am hammering on it and its running good!:D

then i pull in to the washington squar parking lot to turn around and just hammer on it! It was awsome ! a roasted them through first seond and chirped 3rd:thumbsup:

So i figured i would roll up to beverton to a coffee shop where some local drift kids where meeting up . I hop on the free way rev it to 6 grab 2 rev it to 7500 and (blomp like the sound you here when you blow up fire works under water !) and then it got real loud :eek: luckily this had happened before so i had wrapped a piece of bailing wire around the muffler in case it happened again i would not loose my muffler on the free way! See what happened was i did not get my slip flange for my exhaust tight enough and the muffler had popped off. so i did what any one with a hoped up l 18 would do in my position at 12:15 in the morning i opened that bitch up !:D i forgot how loud a l is with strait exhaust . It was so much fun!


I cant be leave i maid it through beaverton after midnight to the coffee shop and back in a l with straight exhaust stoping at the cross member with out getting pulled over


I need to put my other exhaust on this cheep turbo muffler is restricting this engine like crazy !


so what crazy noises have you herd in your datsun while driving !

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