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No kill switch??? They are so easy to start and no locking steering. Jam a pair of scissors or screw driver in door lock and twist. If you are prepared, have a spare ignition and plug it in..... gone in 6.6 seconds.


Having had my 620 stolen I know the pain. My wife searched all morning and found her on her side in a gravel pit. Police were absolutely useless to deal with. It's not important to them, it'll show up one day. Keep phoning every hour get the name and keep asking for that officer.... push HARD!!! Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Good luck.

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Well the police said it wasnt towed and it's considered stolen at this point. I just hope the insurance he has covers it.


We got the same stats on it from the police that you always hear:

1. It's stolen and will be wrecked.

2. It's stolen and will be stripped.

3 It's in Mexico now.


They said there is always that slim chance we may get it back but all his stuff is screwed

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Well the truck is no Dat. It's a chevy 1500 extended cab in charcoal grey and it has a pixies sticker on the back window of the drivers side. It also has a Domo sticker on the gas tank. Im trying to get pix right now.


hey if you upload the pic, ill keep an eye down here in tijuana, actually its pretty comon to see linconls or bmws bieng sold at 500 bucks down here.

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We got it back!

Crazy thing is it looks the same just someone spilled cherry coke all over inside and rifled through our stuff. I mean the laptop was still in it opened up and on the password page and there was an ibanez bass in the back seat and it was still there. The car was dumped with 3/4 a tank of gas! :eek:

WTF!!!! They didn't even take it out of Hollywood. :confused: Why!?!

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