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I made the top 10

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Dude I am looking at what your up against and honestly I don't think they have a chance . Every thing that I looked at is shit that I see running up and down the roads of phoenix az every single day . Your truck has got to win and if it don't I will be greatly disappointed in there lack of judgment

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Great job Rodney, come on Ratsun community under a hundred & 30 votes! We can do do better than that. You do not even have to leave your chair to vote! Come on We can support oldsklminitrk (Rodney) better than 130 votes!


Rodney as I see it you are only competing against 3 others. The boobs, :eek: I mean babe with the RX7, the red 62 Austin, and on an outside chance the j/y special Corolla.:lol::lol:


If the Ratsun community gets be hind you I beleive you can win this, You should win this even without the Ratsun community as that is one fine truck you have there.




Just curious is there a way to notify all Ratsun members world wide that Rodney is needing votes?

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Ill tell ya honestly I didnt think Id make it this far.....I appreciate all the work that has gone into each vehicle on there ....doesnt mean I like it,I just understand the time and effort that goes into it...Like I have said before its just my Datsun...I know alot of work has gone into my truck but alot has gone into theres too.Honestly I didnt think id make the top 10.....I think it would be cool to see a Datsun there at Sema....

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I just voted 5 stars like 8 times in a row Rodney, (typed in a new code every time) prolly 10 on the day cause I voted this morning too! But for the 8 I just did, the count didn't seem to go up?


Might take a bit to for it to register.

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