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panasports for trucks?


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I feel like there was a thread about this once before. (Heck I even think I started it, but a search yielded no results.) Does anyone know if they made a panasport/wantanabe/rota rb style rim for the 6X5.5 lug pattern?


If they did, what sizes did they come in?

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there was a company back in the 80's that made a wheel that was very simular, i can not recall the name right now, i will do some diggin around, a couple months back some one posted a picture of a set that they found in a truck in a wrecking yard, never knew the outcome, i had pm'ed him and never got a answer back, but yea they r out there, i believe the size was 15 x 7, and 15 x 8, 6 x 5.5 , machined lips and silver spokes, every one used to use what we called rice bowls to cover the lug nuts. i seem to recall a truck somewhere in our 620 catalog, it is yellow with grafix, it had them on it.:)

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both of those r the styles i saw in the 80's, n most recently in the wrecking yard pictures, and yes western wheel was the name i was trying to remember, those would be so tight to have..:D paint the spokes to match the truck color, and polish out the rim lip...:D:D:D

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