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  1. socaldatsun

    Lug nuts?

    Got mine from the lug nut king. He's local to me here in social so I usually catch him at shows or car swap meets and get great pricing plus no shipping cost. I also did the ARP extended studs so I got open ended tall nuts. I know he carries moroso extended wheel studs if you where looking on going that route. Heres his store.. http://stores.ebay.com/LUG-NUT-KING-IV The nuts I got... http://www.ebay.com/itm/20-RACING-HD-7-16-20-LUG-NUTS-ACORN-CHROME-OPEN-END-3-MOROSO-STUDS-/302202650346?vxp=mtr&hash=item465cae7eea and since I'm talking about nuts....
  2. socaldatsun

    So uh my 521 steering column broke in half...

    i have a 620 column in my 521. the earlier years without ball joints fit. they look identical to the 521.
  3. socaldatsun

    A good swap for 521

    i did a ka swap in my truck. easy and fun when done right. I'm also in san diego so let me know if you need any help
  4. socaldatsun

    521 front disc swap...master cylinder? Proportioning valve?

    i have the 7/8 on my set up. its too soft for me and feel like i have to double pump pedal to get it firm. planning on doing the wilwood. I have the z32 calipers and the rear isuzu disc as well so i think the more displacement would be better for my set up. the issue with going 15/16 is that no one has them anymore and a lot of the ones at the jy cannot be salvageable.
  5. socaldatsun

    White powdercoat - 10inch Turbines

    with the flares did you have to cut the fenders? how do you figure how high or low to line them up?
  6. socaldatsun

    JDM KA24DE

    good info, thanks again I believe there was a ka in some minivan in japan well as far as wikipedia says thanks again all
  7. socaldatsun

    JDM KA24DE

    Bunch of work as in...? My motor mounts are already fabricated for my truck. don't mind making new ones since my motor sits too low as it is. oil pan sits 3-4 inches off the ground with no weight as it is so have to make new ones anyways. the only thing i can see that i might have issues with is the transmission mating with the motor.
  8. socaldatsun

    JDM KA24DE

    I do have a single cam in my 521. I'm am doing research for my truck and possibly for another project i have hidden away. I would like a dual cam in the other project more then my truck.
  9. socaldatsun

    JDM KA24DE

    being able to have OBDII system on the motor. its not for sure just doing a bit of research for the time being.
  10. socaldatsun

    JDM KA24DE

    well the only reason I'm considering on it is because prices of american kA's are soaring upwards to $500+ for the swap that has fairly high miles and also needs to be rebuilt (+1200 for parts and labor). there is some importers in LA that sell a low milage motor (40K) for about $7-800. think it would be easier to buy a low milage motor to be ready to drop in with a little refreshening (head gasket, water pump, oil pump etc) then to buy a used KA that was beat by some drift punk and is too much of a bi0tch to own up to the rod knock that the motor has. this would be a swap for my already KA'd pick up so most of the work is converting from a sohc to dohc. P.S, I'm very passionate about buying motors that aren't what they are advertised. first KA i bought was for 500 full swap with the understanding that it was ready to drop in with no issues. after swap was done and finally fired up, i find out that it shot. machine shop said that 2 valves where bent, cam was fucked, all the pistons and rings had to be replaces and the bearings where spun. Recent bought a wagon (for a high price) with the understanding that the motor was pretty much new, after 2 hours of driving it back home the day i bought the wagon lost compression of two of the cylinders and previous owner doesn't wanna own up to anything.
  11. socaldatsun

    JDM KA24DE

    Will be on the hunt for a new motor soon. Considering an imported DOHC KA. Did a quick search but was not successful. Only thing i found about that motor was that obviously the valve cover was different, the intake has some minor changes, and injectors are different (but match up to maxima injectors). Af far as I read everything else is the same internally. Can any one point me in the right directions to find out more info on this motor? can the 240x tranny bolt up? Wiring and ECU differences? Im pretty much trying to find out if there is things that i need can it be pulled off or converted from a 240sx? Thanks in advance!
  12. socaldatsun

    What radiators for the 521 ka swap

    i've used the scirocco style radiator by afco. A few different companies make it like afco, griffin and summit makes there own. griffin is the cheapest one out of all of them. those hoses are in the right spot and pretty small to its size but it is thick (3inch core) and for fans i used 2X8inch fans from perma-cool with a shroud.
  13. socaldatsun

    Nissan Jam 2014

    We will be heading out From sd that day if any one wants To meet up
  14. socaldatsun

    Another diff thread

    I want something in the mid range so I can still take some people off the line and still keep up in higher speeds. Also since I'm at it an LSD package would be awesome
  15. socaldatsun

    Another diff thread

    So the lower the number the better? I just realized that this is going to be a pain in the ass since my fuel cell and my diff only have like 3 inches of space in between :/

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