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4 door dimes with a cage????


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Does anyone here on Ratsun have a four door with a cage and some pics I can see. I put a cage in my car today. It doesnt have the most important part of a cage, the center hoop. However after planning on building more to it and puting in a center hoop Ive decided it wont work. Not only do I pretty much sit in the rear seat in the front seat but if I installed a pillar hoop not only would I lose all my leg room from the cross braces but I would have to moe my seats closer and lose the room for a center console. If you got some pics can I see how you did it......keep in mind mine isnt for racing or autocross, I dont know the requirements but I dont think it would be approved....its just or my saftey on the street.

Before I installed it


Side view...was gonna paint it red but changed my other mind



Rear View


Front View


Interior view





rockin a new decal...was gonna use it on the windshield but couldnt wait to stick it....:)


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will your lights and wipers work w/the switched pulled???????


looks like the washers will only work on the first speed, either way, both speeds are the same, at least for me haha.


LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the color........do you have the cage measures? im starting to build my autoXer too and need some tips for the cage.

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