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damn damn damn damn


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I too would like a copy of this video...how much???


pm Hainz. That's where I got mine from. Should of had him autograph it :).

then send him a donation for helping out.


Ninja's gotta eat too ya know.

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Ed see if somebody can burn a copy on the computer faster than me doing a DVD to DVD 4hrs record as thats how I was doing it and now the DVD only recored 95 time of whats enetered.


example set to 4 hr recored it only recored 3.5 hrs then fucks the disc up.



Mike Klotz seen another guy make a proffessional DVD on datsun motors I believe. I think he got one on Ebay. PM mike.


Mine is nothing fancy. Just enought for soemone to get by doing a timming chain install oilpump/dizzy hook up. I was a big Fan of "2 Guys Garage" on Speed channel.

I like how they installed a cam new ignition and headers all w/in a hr and Dyno ck it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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damn google, didnt even THINK to look there!!!


yer fukin duuuumb!lol

no dis-respect shifty im not the sharpest tool in the shed myself

whenever you post i gotta check it out cuz you make me laugh which is good

i just got my comp like 8 months or so ago and found this forum and its great

there is so much to learn and inspire me ive been wrenchin on 620s since i was 17 and im 36 on the 13th so all i had was the haynes manual until i bought my last truck and in it was what i like to call my bible im sure you dont have it and im sure you need it so the best advice i can give you is to buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh ya and listen to slayer!



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I want that book so bad :( I look on ebay ever so often and never see it really. might go look now...... and I know about google, but I only searched on here. I dont look on google for PAC's thread either, lol


A while back I picked one up from amazon for like 20 bucks. I know they still have them.

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