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Nicks burgers meet


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We are doing another meets at Nick's on July 26 2009 at 2:00 pm Sunday.All datsuns are welcome .Doesn't matter how it looks like as long as it's a datsun.Nice turned out last time. Hopefully we can do it again.Just email me if you guys have any question.Thanks.See you all.Nick's Super Burger Restaurant at 1117 E Orangethorpe Ave Fullerton, CA 92831.




CL ads expire so i figured id post it up

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Hey look....there we are. I'll go, I might have a 1 month old in tow if the wife lets me put him in the 510...doubtful!




are we talking about the timing cover? :lol:


if hes in a car seat! zak has driven in the wagon(that long ago :blink: )

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OK, fellas and fellow Datsun people, here is a challenge. I drove past Nicks the other day and there was a VW show going on. I decided to take a couple of pictures. Lets get it together and make our gathering look like this! Tell all your friends and their friends and lets do this thing right!!!!My challenge to all of you is to fill this parking lot to capacity!



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every year that the VW guys show up. it's always packed!!! even the parking lot across the street is about 1/4 full. that's some crazy shit cause it's like there version of a Canby meet, lots of them drive out from every nook and cranny of so.cal and beyond.

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Wow, and I thought we had a big turnout at the last Nicks meet! Lets do this guys.....lets fill this lot! Im sure there are enough datsuns roaming around this area and the surrounding areas. Get the word out and lets make this happen!

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Yea. They only made VW's for like what 100 years and 50 million of them. :lol:

And most of em are here in so cal. But I guess we can try to fill that lot .I think the last one was pretty big.

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