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  1. For me just look at Maroon 510 Crash
  2. Hello my fellow Datsun lovers. I REALLY, REALLY need your help. I'm in need of as many votes as possible. This even goes beyond internet friends. Tell ANYONE and EVERYONE about this. Friends, family, strangers, friends of friends, friends of family and friends of strangers.😎 This will change my life. It is new technology that will enable me to stand, sit, and walk unassisted. I NEED your vote. It's all up to your voting. Let's do this! I am trying to win a Tek RMD . Please go to https://www.matiarobotics.com/contest/ and just type AOLE ESPY in the search, read & vote for me. At https://www.matiarobotics.com you can see what I'm trying to win. Be patient. It's a video. Not too often can you improve a life so much with a vote & no cash? Voting ends Nov.1, 2019.
  3. ace0073

    Maroon 510 crash

    ace0073@gmail.com should be working. I had my mother call
  4. ace0073

    Maroon 510 crash

    Try: ace0073@gmail.com
  5. ace0073

    Maroon 510 crash

    prayforaole@yahoo.com and this is early but thank you
  6. ace0073

    Maroon 510 crash

    My good friend and my brother set up a PayPal for me
  7. ace0073

    Maroon 510 crash

    I've been reading it over and over and I can't believe that I asked. I finally came to the conclusion that no one can read my mind and the only way to receive is to first ask
  8. ace0073

    Maroon 510 crash

    This is Aole Espy again. I have to thank you ALL again because I am very grateful and that's what will make me feel good. I just wanted to say to all to add me and Pray For Aole on Facebook. Please send me a message saying that you are from Ratsun and I will accept. To learn how I'm feeling read my posts but be sure to read the 7/1/13 post. That's been up a while but still is how I feel. I've never had to ask for anything so this will, not only, be difficult but also abnormal. As all of you already know, I have been through a lot and no matter how much I recover the Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) NEVER goes away. I can't work yet because of the injuries and I don't have an income. I have many ideas in my head but I don't have any income to make them a reality. That's where you all come in. If you have a 510 you can donate please do or if anyone can do it please help me buy a body. I have all the parts from my old car so I SHOULD be able to get one built for me pretty quickly. I can't promise anything in return but l'd be eternally grateful. I believe all donation information is on P.F.A.. I have no idea when I will have an income but maybe we can arrange for me to pay it back because I will. The only thing that I really want is a 2-door body with lip flares. I'm done begging so go add me on Facebook.
  9. ace0073

    Maroon 510 crash

    I have a lot to say but can't type so I'll say what's important. It was great 2 meet you both. You probably weren't trying but you helped me a lot. Us talking made my brain work n ways it hasn't for a long time & that's a good thing. You never emailed & I said look for datpak on YouTube but the datpak cars are under Datsun collection. I been n FM-Foreign Madness, LBG-Low Budget Garage & probably some I forgot. Thank you.
  10. ace0073

    Maroon 510 crash

    All- this is Aolë 2 say thank you 2 everyone that even looks at this. If you have done more then thank you 2. This has taken well over 3.5 hours 2 type so please take a few minutes 2 read (trust I filled n time last 2 b more accurate). If you don't know what happened then read thread. Per docs I would never regain consciousness or if I did I'd b a vegetable. Well neither ended up true. Basically, I feel like I have come far but I have far 2 go. I learned 2 talk but I still can't stand or walk. I was supposed 2 have no memory but I forgot a lot & I remember a lot. 2 things I do remember are rockets and DATSUNS. It was very nice 2 think about fixing my car but it's totaled. Ask anything you want.
  11. well im originally from SD and just moved back over the weekend so if it is dry....Im there! Hopefully its a decent turnout.
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