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  1. mazdat


    Someone woke up on the wrong side if the bed I see.
  2. mazdat


    Whats up everyone !
  3. mazdat

    Empi H4 headlights

    Yeah, I take Paypal, pick up in Long Beach only though
  4. mazdat

    Empi H4 headlights

    bump!! $15 for the pair!!
  5. mazdat

    Empi H4 headlights

    Yup! A 1200, 240,260,280z's , or even a Datsun Roadster
  6. mazdat

    Empi H4 headlights

    Bump...$20 bux for the pair
  7. mazdat

    Empi H4 headlights

    I have a pair of Empi H4 halogen headlights, brighter than regular headlights. They're 7" universal , so will fit the cars with the 2 headlight round. Asking $20 for the pair. Call or text me at 5628525494, pick up only. Thanx !!
  8. mazdat

    2jz datsun 1200 coupe

  9. mazdat

    1971 KADET Goon for sale

    This is my second one, I love them ;)
  10. mazdat

    1971 KADET Goon for sale

    I kinda would trade for my notchback...love Datsun's and VW's
  11. Whats the bolt pattern on these wheels? Just to make sure...VW or Datsun
  12. mazdat

    510 rear defrost window

    I thought they only made 2 doors in 73 :mellow:
  13. mazdat

    Looking at an alternator upgrade

    How are you Kelly? Long time no talk. So hows the 12 looking so far? Any pics?
  14. mazdat

    Datsunlandsocal ?

    Hey everyone!!! I've been missing for a minute. Anyways, the last time I got window rubber for my 510 when I had it, I just went to a auto glass company (All star Glass), she was able to get me a good quality rubber for $75. I've done business with Mike, never had a problem, actually he was helpful.

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