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  1. mazdat


    Someone woke up on the wrong side if the bed I see.
  2. mazdat


    Whats up everyone !
  3. Yeah, I take Paypal, pick up in Long Beach only though
  4. Yup! A 1200, 240,260,280z's , or even a Datsun Roadster
  5. Bump...$20 bux for the pair
  6. I have a pair of Empi H4 halogen headlights, brighter than regular headlights. They're 7" universal , so will fit the cars with the 2 headlight round. Asking $20 for the pair. Call or text me at 5628525494, pick up only. Thanx !!
  7. This is my second one, I love them ;)
  8. I kinda would trade for my notchback...love Datsun's and VW's
  9. Whats the bolt pattern on these wheels? Just to make sure...VW or Datsun
  10. I thought they only made 2 doors in 73 :mellow:
  11. How are you Kelly? Long time no talk. So hows the 12 looking so far? Any pics?
  12. Hey everyone!!! I've been missing for a minute. Anyways, the last time I got window rubber for my 510 when I had it, I just went to a auto glass company (All star Glass), she was able to get me a good quality rubber for $75. I've done business with Mike, never had a problem, actually he was helpful.
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